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24 Ways Of Building A Godly Marriage.

24 Ways Of Building A Godly Marriage.

Godly Marriage doesn't fall from heaven, neither is it manufactured in any industry anywhere in the world but fortunately you and you spouse can build it to your desire. With the help of God there is nothing impossible to achieve, provided is something positive and will bring glory to God.

Godly Marriage can be achieved by anyone, it doesn't matter your religion, your nationality or how many years you have been married to your partner, what is important here is the determination to make it happen.

Today I will be revealing the 24 ways you can build a Godly Marriage.

1. Start with GOD. One of the easiest ways for you to achieve a Godly and Healthy Marriage is by starting your journey with God. Make him the foundation builder of your home. Remember, God is the Founder and overall coordinator of Marriage. God ordained it and there's nothing he can not do for you to be happy in your marriage.

2. True Love. There's nothing you can do against love and God himself is love. You and your spouse is mandated to truly love each other. 

3. Healthy Communication. Show me a happy marriage without healthy communication and I will show you a disaster waiting to happen in that Marriage. Make it mandatory to always communicate regularly.

4. Mutual Respect. We all know that Respect is reciprocal, simply means when I respect you, you will respect me as well. It should not be one-sided thing in marriage not Matter how many years you senior your partner with, make it mandatory to always respect each other. 

5. Mutual Submission. Is important that both of you submits to each other under the authority of Jesus Christ. Don't make yourself a lord over your spouse. You are equal in Christ Jesus, you are one body in as much the Marriage is concerned so always be submissive to one another.

6. Mutual Support. You should be at each other's back every at all times. Support your significant other to become a better version of themselves. Remember change is constant although it would not happen overnight but your supports can make it faster.

7. Lovemaking. This is one of the best emotional foods needed in a thriving Marriage. Feel free to enjoy it as much as you want with your spouse. When you are well satisfied in bedroom by your spouse, you become emotionally stable and sound. Good lovemaking has many health benefits attached to it. Don't deny your spouse the pleasure only you can give them. 

8. Oneness. Always remember that you are a TEAM of two people. Nobody should succeed in putting separation between you and your spouse. Don't accommodate anyone that wants to put asunder in your marriage.

9. Transparency. The Bible said that; Both the man and his wife were naked, but still felt no shame. Read Genesis chapter 2 verse 25. The day you start keeping secrets from your husband or wife, that's the day your marriage will start having unimaginable challenges. Secrecy kills Marriage so avoid it in your marriage.

10. Mutual Understanding. Understanding each other is paramount in a Godly Marriage. You should know your partner's likes and dislikes, 'dos and don'ts', turn-offs and turn-ons because this will reduce the occurance of misunderstanding.

11. Marital Commitment. Marriage is a two-way street where both of you need to meet in the middle to make things work well for the union. Is mandatory to be committed or order to make your marriage work, don't forget that is not one person responsibility, is something that everyone must put their efforts. 

12. Faithfulness. Fidelity is one of the utmost importance part of marriage. Is not by choice to be faithful to your spouse but compulsory unless you don't want a successful Godly union. 

13. Forgiveness. Marriage is a union between two individuals that are always ready to forgive each other uncountable times. You should be willing to forgive everyday, is not optional because we are all imperfect so there will be mistakes. 

14. Prayer. Every good marriage deserves prayers. There's a wonder-working power in prayer. Soak yourselves, your children, and your home in prayers without timetable. Prayer doesn't have limit, and no prayer is less important for God to answer so pray even with the little opportunity you have use it to pray for your marriage.

15. Intentionality. To achieve a Godly and Healthy Marriage you need to work it out. You have to consciously make it happen, it doesn't happen by chance.

16. Money And Marriage. Money they said answers all things. You can confirm it in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 19. Love is awesome and can be enjoying when money is involved. Work and walk as a team of 2 with your soulmate and put your finances in a good shape so you can enjoy your marriage.

17. Loyalty. Be the 'Ruth' and a 'Joseph' in your marriage. Ruth was a loyal woman during her time. Joseph was loyal to Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, despite not being the biological father of her pregnancy when Mary was carrying the baby Jesus in her womb. Be someone your spouse can count on any time, any day but I am not encouraging extramarital affairs then you expect your partner to accept the pregnancy you had for cheating on him.

18. Humility. Can you show me a proud spouse and I will show you a marriage at point of breakage. Humility is one of the life wires of a Godly Marriage. Bing down your ego and pride and humble yourself so you can enjoy your spouse. If you have ego, push it against the enemies of your marriage and not against your partner.

19. Sacrifice. You must be ready to sacrifice your resources, time, and energy, and any other things required of you for your spouse and children. Don't forget that there's no limit to how big your can sacrifice for the good of your marriage, do it without limits, you will be glad you did.

20. Friendship. A godly Marriage can not be possible without friendship. I have always advised singles people to marry their friends and for the Married make your spouse your best friend because with this you can easily defeat the enemies of your marriage.

21. Romance. Romance in marriage is never a sin against God. Look at the way God expresses His love to humanity in the book of Song of Solomon. Please, imitate God love for your marriage. Bring romance into your marriage with your full chest, you need it, is one the wheels that your marriage needs for it to thrive and get to the destination called SUCCESS. 

22. Patience. Marriage will test your impatience in different ways with different styles if you are a patient person. You need to master how to treat your spouse with patience and long-suffering because Marriage is not war, is not do or die affair but a place of happiness, unity, and joy. Challenges will come, that's inevitable in marriage but being patient with each other will help you to overcome them all. 

23. Gentleness. Nothing is best than marrying a gentle spouse. Don't be difficult to your spouse. Be the source of their silent joy and happiness, you will be glad you did.

24. Care And Compassion. In all that you do to your partner please, be a caring spouse. Be compassionate and empathetic, the presence of God doesn't dwell where there's war and hatred. Treat and care for your soulmate the same way you want the person to do to you. There's nothing difficult there.
Dear people of God, If any of these things mentioned above are missing in your marriage, prayerfully and consciously work on having it incorporated into your home because there's no Godly Marriage without these things. 

If you think this list is not complete please feel free to add yours using the comment section.

May God give Us Christian homes in Jesus mighty name, Amen!

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