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26 Things You Need To Know About Marriage.

Marriage is a very big institution ordained by God and going with the fact that you can't understand it at once you need to learn new things everyday so you can be successful in it.

Whether you are married or single I want you to carefully read this article and learn new things you don't know about marriage.

1. Marriage from the beginning is God's idea, for you to enjoy it you have to walk and work with God.

2. Is better to Marry your best friend or make the person you married your best friend. It is very crucial to have a marriage established on friendship, this means you and your partner will be together beyond romance and lovemaking.

3. In marriage you reap what you sow. Don't expect your marriage to be joyous and successful if you don't greatly invest in it.

4. Your marriage can be successful if you work as a team. Love is not dead neither is it blind. Not every marriage is falling apart and your own can be successful if you are determined to make it happen.

5. You should understand that marriage is a lifetime commitment but don't make that commitment because of pressure from others, as a game, or as a by the way lifestyle, if you do you will not enjoy your marriage.

6. The person you are marrying is connected to other people directly or indirectly. Your spouse is someone else's child, sibling, relative, friend, colleague. If you hurt him or her; you hurt those that's connected to him or her. If you treat your spouse well; you receive blessing in return.

7. In marriage, bear it in mind that there will be challenges, the road that leads to successful marriage is not smooth. So mindfully choose someone who willing to to work with you.

8. A marriage made up of a man and a woman in it who are determined to give their best in order for it to work. I advise you marry someone who will not let you down halfway to success, someone who will put effort and not pressure.

9. In marriage you are required to be faithful. Immediately you have committed to that one person you so much love, you have pushed out all other opposite gender. There is no more affairs with others, so make sure you are married with your best choice.

10. Intimacy is very important in marriage. Marry someone you are intimately attracted to, someone who easily turns you on bedroom.

11. Whoever you marry you will live with the person till death separate both of you, you will always wake up to each other side every morning. You have to marry someone whose companionship you will enjoy, whose appearance is appealing to your eyes, whose various moods of lifestyle you can deal with, whose strengths you can admire and whose weakness you can live without biased.

12. Marriage is about two human beings that has come together to become one blood and bone. Don't over-spiritualize it. Remember you guys have physical, emotional, intimacy, intellectual and social needs. Try as much as possible to meet those needs as a whole. Don't focus on one need while you neglect the other side.

13. Marriage is what you and your spouse make it is what it will be for you. If you see other people's marriages doing better than yours own Marriage, those couple made it the way you are seeing it.

14. Your spouse is the most influential person in your life. He or she can hurt you the most, mislead you the most, destroy you the most OR bless you the most, grow you the most and inspire you the most. The role of a spouse is too powerful to be taken granted.

15. Marriage is not for those that believe love is a game or those that can not stand with their spouse, is not for those that depends on third-party for decision making. You should be sure you are grown before entering into Marriage, and enter it with someone that has grown-up both physically, emotionally, spiritually and emotionally or you will be let down later in the future. Having something good when you are not ready for it can overwhelming. Marriage is a good thing and you need to be ready before going into it.

16. Marriage is not for quiters. It requires a determined mind to build a successful marriage relationship. Not two people or one person who thinks of calling it quits each time storms confront them. Marriage is not for people with an exit strategy lifestyle in anything that comes their way.

17. Just because you are married doesn't mean people will not try to distract you or toast you or your spouse. Marriage requires both to say no to extramarital affairs.

18. A moment of laxity or weakness is enough to destroy a great marriage built for years. The both of you need to be vigilant at all times; constantly assess and improve on your marriage where necessary.

19. One of the best ways your marriage can be successful is when you have a healthy communication. Protect the communication in your union. Always have an open line of communication between you and your hubby. Without good communication, there will not be a solid growth.

20. It's not all about being married, but being satisfied in marriage. Don't aim for the change in relationship status to I am married, aim for a union of love that will be fulfilling and worth it at the end. A union you will always be proud to be in with your soulmate.

21. Not everybody around you will be happy for your marriage but if you stick to God you will overcome. Always be loyal to your spouse as much as you are to outsiders. It's the opinion of your spouse that matters most not the one given to you by a third-party.

22. A colourful expensive wedding doesn't mean a colourful successful marriage. A wedding is just one day ceremony where both friends, families, and strangers will come to witness it, but marriage is a lifetime thing between only you and your significant other.

23. How strong your marriage will be depends on the foundation you give it when you were single and when you were in dating relationship. If you are single reading this post, lay good foundation for your marriage now that you are single.

24. Your spouse will offend you many times both by mistake or intentional, please be ready to forgive even if there is no apology. What I mean is that you should not keep records of offenses committed against each other.

25. Marriage is a journey of growth undertaken by two committed individuals from different family foundation. Be humble and willing to learn new things, ideas and methods of making your union a better place for you to be. Be patient with your soulmate as you grow together, remember change doesn't happen overnight but it takes a gradual process.

26. When marriage is done the right way, its results will bring you both the greatest happiness on Earth. If you do wrong, it will cause you both incredible calamities, broken heart, heartache and shame.

I will believe that you have learnt something new, please use the comments section to express yourself.

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