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4 Things That Are Capable Of Destroying Your Relationships.

One of the dangerous things in life you should always avoid are negativities, negative mindset is a destroyer of destiny. Now think about it from relationship point of view, there are mindsets you should not permit to rule your mind especially when relationship and Marriage is concerned because its negative impact on your relationship can cause you calamities. So avoiding them will do you more good than you expected.

Be mindful of these things for it not to crash your relationship.

1) Revenge Mission. 
Your ex lover cheated on you, hurt you so bad before you broke up him or her, they made you feel insignificant to them with the best reasons known to them, in their presence they assume you are powerless and bitter, so because of all these things you have made up your mind to use your next relationship to prove yourself and get back your bruised ego and self esteem. Please remember the results are going to be disastrous.

Don't revenge against someone that's not guilty of your relationship breakup, the results could hunt you back. The best decision to take is to forgive, pray to God to heal you emotionally, spiritually, and physically and Let Go of the unpleasant memories before you enter into any new relationship with someone else.

2) GOD Complex. 
When you start a Relationship with the mindset that it's meant to be all about you alone without thinking about the other person in the same relationship with you, maybe because you are wealthy, very handsome, elegant in beauty, or intelligent or a celebrity of sorts. Because you studied a good profession or because of your pretty appearance you concluded that you are entitled to major benefits parts of the relationship or the mindset that your partner should be more committed to the relationship after all he or she is beneficial to your money or status in the society, do away with this because it will bring down the relationship and all the resources you have committed for it's success will be a waste for you.

As a man, you believe you can, and should get away with any unpleasant attitude, you think your lover should worship you everyday, and doesn't require the same respect and loyalty from you, you should understand that everything in relationship is give and take, and also love and other things like submission, respect and loyalty are reciprocal. 

Don't be the one to destroy your happiness.
Remember that no matter who you are in life, you are not helping anybody by agreeing to be in a dating relationship with them. Whatever that happened in your past relationships should not negatively affect your current relationship. Don't lose good people God brought your way because of your pride. 

3) Sherlock Holmes Mindset. When you have this natural tendency inside you to doubt and suspect people at your will even when the person is innocent. Tackle it first before entering any dating relationship. When you keep trying to monitor your lover, going through their smart phones to search for evidence to prove they are promiscuous to you, especially when they have never given you any reason to doubt their loyalty to you, that character can end beautiful relationships because it will destroy trust and confidence the person has put in you. Don't look for the faults of your partner but look for the good deeds already done by your partner, this will benefit you instead of looking for their errors and offenses.

4)  Warden Mindset. When you are a lover who imprisoned their beloved, you call them every minute asking the person where are you and what are you doing in that place every second, every hour, sending text messages to them hundred times a day, monitoring their conversations with other people especially opposite gender.

If you want to always be with your soulmate, visit him or her 7 days a week, that's, if you are not already married, you don't give them breathing space when you are always on the phone with the person, they will stay away from you and break up with the relationship. Learn to always give your Lover all kinds of freedom they deserve from you. A Relationship should not be a Prison, and you should not be a Jailer.
Some times don't intentionally call your lover, just to give the person small space and if they notice it and call back, it means the person also loves you.

Is important to note that not all relationships that break up are meant to breakup. Some Relationships breakup are caused by the ignorance and carelessness of one of the partners, or even both of them.
Don't hurt yourself while you think you are hurting another person.

Calm down so you can be cherished and loved by someone that deserves to marry you.

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