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5 Important Things You Should Know About Public Display Of Affection.

Over the years, I have seen persons, especially the singles become uncomfortable with and talk against public display of affection by the married persons. Many have said that, many if not most, couples who do that are not having a great marriage. It's just some kind of camouflage on the rot in their marriages.

My observation is that singles who make such comments are either jealous or envious of those who do that. Why should a couple who display their affection in the public be your headache? I can say that most of those who criticize such will not mind enjoying it themselves if they have the opportunity. 

Here are a few things to understand:
1. Some persons are very romantic, so public display of affection is a normal thing to them. 

2. Display of affection in the public isn't wrong as long as both spouses like it and don't mind at all. 

3. Public display of affection isn't a show off, it's a way of romance. 

4. Public display of affection shouldn't be someone else headache. 

5. The fact that you are uncomfortable with public display of affection or even jealous of those who do it doesn't make it wrong.

All my life, I have lived around very romantic couples, so public display of affection was a norm. In fact, I saw plenty of it. I liked it.  I enjoyed it. I desired it. I looked forward to experiencing it in the future with my spouse. 

Today, my wife and I do public display of affection also (It's a normal thing to both of us). Whenever we walk in our street, we hold hands and laugh. Sometimes if we meet on the road, we greet each other with either a hug or pecks. A few times I went to the market with my wife. As we walked the streets of the market, we held hands and chatted. That's who we are. We have been doing public display of affection for years and there's no pretence about it.

Some singles have posited that many public displays of affection is to mock them (pepper them as it's often said in our local parlance).. No, I'm not sure that position is correct as people only do who they are, what they are, what they want, and what they like. Some persons are very romantic. Should the singles who are uncomfortable with public display of affection deny the married persons of who they are and what they like? The answer is No. 

Dear single friends, I was once a single years back. I witnessed public display of affection in abundance, I can say to a fault. But I wasn't bothered with all that because as far as I am concerned, it's not wrong or sinful. I felt alright around the married folks. I never felt inferior or intimidated by their public displays of affection. 

Singles should stop maligning the married persons because they will become married persons themselves someday. Marriage is great but it doesn't define us. It's not all there is in life. Like me, let all the singles mind their business by leaving the married persons who do public display of affection. In fact, ignore them. Even if I didn't like public display of affection, I won't castigate it. Never! 

I hope you have heard me very clearly!

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