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5 Important Things You Should Know About Unrealistic Expectations In Marriage.

Marriage is good and is an interesting Union to be. However, the goodness in a marriage can only be designed by the two spouses. No marriage can be greater than the lifestyles of the two individuals in it. In fact, marriage is nothing but the reflection of the couple.
Generally, one of the problems most life partners have is their presentation of Unreasonable expectations. Unrealistic expectations are expectations truly challenging or difficult to accomplish. Now the question is: when you truly love someone, do you make things difficult or even impossible for them in the marriage?
The answer is NO!

In marriage you try your best to make the other partner feel comfortable. Very much comfortable! That's how it should be. Of course, in a marriage there will be expectations. As individual we all have some different expectations towards our soulmates. Be that as it may, we ought to be truly sensible and delicate to know where and when to take a stand.

In our marriage, I have my own expectations from my wife. My wife has expectations also towards me. But one thing we have never done in since we got married is to have unreasonable assumptions towards one another. Unrealistic expectations kill marriages over time.

Here are some areas where spouses sometimes have unrealistic expectations in their marriages:

1. Money: In many marriages today, spouses, especially the wives place so much financial demands on their partners. While it's alright to make some financial demands, however, ensure you know your spouse has it and can provide it without going through stress. No spouse should make the other partner go through financial stress in order to please them; that's unhealthy and can cause problem among you. In marriage, spouses are expected to bear with each other, understand each other and care for each other as well.

2. Lovemaking: In many marriages, spouses, especially the husbands have unrealistic bedroom expectations towards their wives. Many men want to make love to their partners every day of the week, and sometimes in some of the difficult or uncomfortably positions or styles for their wives. A fulfilling intimacy life is where both spouses accommodate each other in the bedroom without selfishness. Lovemaking should not be a one-person show. Here is a fact: most wives can barely make love to their husbands 4 times a week.

3. Time together: Marriage doesn't imply that the two soulmates should to be all around one another every day. While it's advisable for couples to spend quality time together, however, it should also be understood that sometimes spouses need some space from the other partner and the other spouse should understand and respect that.

4. Material possessions: In many marriages, material possessions cause problems. Sometimes spouses ridicule their partners because they are yet to have a property to their name. Material things or rather, property are owned by money not by wishful thinking. Please be patient with one another.

5. Perfection: Among all the principles or laws of marriage, perfection is not one of them. The reason is simple: nobody is PERFECT, not even the perfectionists. In marriage, the two spouses are expected to accommodate, tolerate and bear with each other's imperfections. Spouses are expected to grow into MATURITY, not into PERFECTION. Maturity in the context of marriage, is getting to that place where you overlook and tolerate many things about your spouse because you know that nobody is perfect, not even you. Whereas, perfection is the place of no mistakes. The question is: is there anyone who doesn't make mistakes in this world?

Dear friends, in this year I am inviting you all to review all your expectations in your marriage and see if you are not asking for the unrealistic ones. 

Love should be seemless. But if your spouse is "struggling"  to please you, then know that you need to check yourself. Love in a marriage should be like a river that flows unhindered. 

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