6 Qualities that God desires to see in the Life of everyone he calls his Child.

In life, it is the joy of the father to see his children grow to maturity. Even though, they love playing with their little children; they also desire that they grow to maturity.

I believe that no parent would be happy if their child refuse to grow and paradoxically, remains a child forever. As a matter of fact, when a child is taking time to walk, let alone run; the parents  become tensed up as to whether something is wrong with the physiology of the child.

So, as our earthly parents desire that we grow; God also desires that we grow. Secondly, every parent desires that their children should develop quality life habits or character impacted from parental teachings, in school, by friends, by personal experiences and personal studies etc. 

Therefore, God also desires that his children develop good qualities and character. These qualities or character are expressed or seen in our conduct in divers areas of life. The next paragraph begins with the six qualities God desires to see in his children.

1. They must be seasoned in their Words: There is power in our words. Through your words, you will be judged and also through your words, you will be condemned. As a matter of fact, when you speak, some persons are able to tell who you really are. You can tell everyone who you are simply by the words that you speak. 

Because God knows the power of words, he admonished his children to let their words be seasoned with salt as seen in Colossians 4:6. Jesus Christ while on the earth understood this principle just as the Scribes and the Pharisees did. Frequently, we saw the Scribes and Pharisees waiting to entangle him in his speech so that they can accuse him as seen in Matthew 22:15. Thank God that they could not; this is because, Jesus Christ understood the power of words and used it wisely.

There was a time they sent Soldiers to capture Jesus but after the Soldiers who were sent heard him speak, they changed their mind saying, "No man speaks like this man" as seen in John 7:46. Let us be careful with our words because, God is watching what we say too.

2. They must be chaste in their  Conversation: This is somewhat like the first but it is a little different. However, it is equally powerful and God looks out for it in his children. Have you seen parents instigating their children against others? Have you seen some friends encouraging their friend to steal, slander or backbite? 
Let us beware that evil conversation corrupts good manners and that is why we are encouraged to awake to righteousness and refuse to sin. This advise was given because, many don't know the truth and as a result, they continue to suffer ignorantly.
This is why God is looking at your conversation to see how it is. He wants it to be without covetousness as seen in Hebrews 13:5. He also wants the conversation of his children to be upright as seen in Psalms  37:14.

3. They must be full of good deeds: The cub of a lion is a lion. The Son of a King is a King in making. Therefore, because God is generous, his children must be generous as well. Now, the ultimate example for Christians is Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God as seen in 1 Peter 2:21 and how did he behave while he was on earth?

As seen in Acts 10:38; he went about doing good... Thus, you have to do good as a child of God. There is enough for everyone if only people can begin to do good to their fellow man but as it stands, wickedness is the order of the day. 
God is a loving father and seeks to see this quality in his children as well. 

4. They must be fervent in their spiritual life: Many people fail to realize that there is a life in the Spirit and as a result, the continue to suffer oppression from the hand of Satan, living only in the physical.

I want you to know that man is Spirit, Soul and Body as seen in 1 Thessalonians 5:23. Three in one as many call it and each of these three compactments needs nourishment to stay active. The spirit is sustained by the study of the Bible, fellowship and communion by prayer. The Soul is sustained by the reading of quality books, keeping quality friends and the body is sustained through exercise and eating balanced diet.

Therefore, God is not only concerned about your body, your soul but he is also concerned about your spirit. Many have developed the body and soul but the spirit is neglected and as a result, the devil is having a fun filled day in their life and family. Start taking care of your spiritual life and grow to maturity because, God looks at your spiritual life also.

5. They must have absolute trust in God: We have not seen God but we believe that he exist by many infallible proofs. Hebrews chapter 11 verse number 6 says that, "if you don't have faith in God, it is will be impossible for you to please God; whoever that comes to God must believe that God is, and he is the one that rewards them that diligently seek him."
Therefore, God is looking for those that trust him, that have faith in him and know that he is always with them in all they do. If you must be relevant then, you must believe God and realize that he is willing to help you in all your endeavors.

It is this believe in God that makes you fear, reverence and honour him. It is this believe that makes you love your neighbor as yourself and seek the good of others as well. God is looking for those with faith and you can develop your faith by hearing and listening to the word of God as seen in Romans 10:17.

6. They must be pure in heart: Purity according to the Dictionary is defined as a state of being pure. Purity is achieved when the three faculties of our body are termed. These faculties are the eyes, the ears and the flesh. 
It can be better rendered as the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life as seen in 1 John 2:16. Therefore, we must be willing to sanctify ourselves from what we see, what we hear and the emotions we allow.

We must be freed from all evil thoughts, envy, jealousy, backbiting, etc, for God to accept you fully as his child. Do not other people's due from them because, a work man is worthy of his wages.

Purity of heart is necessary if we must experience longevity in life. A man that have rule or control over his emotions can take a city and not end up being killed on the lap of a Delilah. Remember Samson? Thus, we must have guard over our emotions as we work with God else, we will bring shame and reproach to God and God doesn't want that to happen. This is why he looks at our purity of heart before he uses us. 

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