7 Simple Things Men Want From Women But May Not Say It.

There are certain things a lot of men would love their women to do for them, but they might never discuss it with the wife. They probably will not tell you because they don’t want to pass the message of being too needy.

Men don’t want to be perceived as being too demanding and being insensitive, so they act like they are okay but do not be deceived, every man wants the following from his wife:

1. RESPECT. Men interpret respect as part of their wives showing them love. Show me a man who is respected by his woman and I will show you a man who feels loved by his woman. Every man loves to be respected, by his wife. Men also feel valued when they are respected, and it kills their ego when their lady doesn’t give them respect. When with friends and family, every man would want to be respect by his wife, a man want to feel that special treatment.

2. LOVE TO BE WANTED. Women love to be wanted, but this trait is not just found in women alone, men love to be desired as well as loved by their wives. Men feel valued when their woman give them that feeling that they are wanted by them. 

3. COMPLIMENTS AND ADMIRATION. Who doesn’t love to be admired and complimented especially from someone dear to you? Of course everyone does, and men is not left out here. He wants to be seen as attractive, charming, handsome and good-looking man whenever he's with his woman. He loves to be cherished and admired and he loves to be told as well, but he probably will not tell you that because he expects you to willingly do it. 

4. COMPANIONSHIP.  No man wants to be lonely, and companionship to a man is not just someone to be with him, no! To him, companionship is being with that woman he loves and admires, having a good time with her, a time to have those deep and intimate discussion he will not have with anyone else. There is something about companionship a man wants from his wife, and even the men that are not "romantic" also want that same companionship from the women they love, so be your husband's companion.

5. TO LOOK GOOD ALWAYS. Every man wants his woman to always look good, to look appealing and attractive at every point in time, both at home and in public places. Every man wants a lady he can be pride of, and some men even become ashamed of their partner when they don’t look appealing to the extent of not going to public event with her. As woman always look attractive and charming as desired by your man.

6. ENCOURAGEMENT AND BELIEF. No man wants a lady that would give up on him at the slightest mistakes, and no man wants a woman who would only criticize him for anything and everything he does without adding advise to it. Is good to criticize but while you are done criticizing make sure you advise the person on the next step to follow otherwise your criticisms will cause pain to the person. Every man loves that woman who will always encourage him and believe in him no matter what he is going through in life at that moment.

7. APPRECIATION. Every man wants to be appreciated and feel appreciated as well. He doesn’t want a woman that’s selective in her appreciation to him, but the one that sincerely sees the good he does for her no matter how little it could be in her eyes. The woman that appreciates even those little acts is the one he will always love to do more for her because she appreciated the little he did for her.

These 7 acts can make a man feel more loved and valued in a relationship or marriage, he wants it from you as his lady, but he will not verbally say it because he wants you to willingly do it.

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