7 Things All Single Must Attain and Know Before Thinking About Marriage.

A large number of youthful men and women who should look for a meaningful life of direction, now are mostly dating relationships at the disadvantage of their future without endeavoring hard to create values in themselves that would make them an extraordinary partners in marriage.
Chasing someone can not give you value or create values in your life. You can only receive your value when you chase morality and practice dignity." And that's nothing but pure truth.

There's no number of you will involve yourself into today that will make you to be a blessing to your future Marriage partner if you don't pursue the right things for your life now. Unfortunately, when they eventually get marry, they will discover that marriage is more than what they thought they knew from the past relationship they have had.

Do you want to have a great marriage? Do you want to be a blessing to your future spouse? If your answer is yes, then pursue these 7 things with all doggedness and avoid distraction by all means.

1. Mental maturity. Be mentally sound. If you say knowledge is expensive, then try ignorance. You should be mentally matured before you start thinking a relationship than to be in a relationship and be confused.
You wouldn't know how a particular person behaves by going into a relationship with the person as a novice; you need to equip yourself with knowledge, not with bad experience, but through God's wisdom and understanding of what you are going into.
You may have heard people saying that relationship is not meant for boys and girls, but for those who are mentally matured. You can be 28 or 35 and still think like a child. Read good books. Seek for godly guidelines so you can be saved from ignorance.

2. Emotional stability. I'm always surprised to hear how many fall in and out of love because they're emotionally unstable. You should understand that love is not something you dabble in, you must be emotional sound and ready to be in a love relationship.
Emotional simply means your stability and your ability to make an informed decision without allowing your emotions to control your sense of judgment. 

It's surprising how many people cannot control their emotions, more especially the negative ones and allow it to destroy their life or relationship. 

One of the major ways to be emotionally stable is to be self-controlled, and you can't be stable to a large extent if you're not Spirit-controlled. If you feel like having sex or vent your anger on others, can you control your feelings or you'd be slaves to it?

3. Spiritual stamina and knowing God. Your single life is not the time to go after vanities or sow wild oats, but the time to ensure that you build good spiritual, mental, and emotional muscles for the journey of life that's ahead of you.
Why should you waste away your time and energy, even resources in an immoral relationship when you can use that same time, resources, and energy to serve God better? Knowing God makes you to be spiritually strong and this will help you to do exploits in life.
Mind you, that you frequent church activities do not imply that you know God. Those that know God has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and life Savior, and they have an intimate relationship with the Holy Ghost.

All the more in this way, it is when you know God that you establish a spiritual muscles to defeat life's difficulties. I'm certain you realize that there are few issues in life that are far past physical, profound, monetary, or clinical solutions; but the people who are spiritually awake would know how to recognize and overcome these challenges.
It is the God you know that will help you to identify the right or wrong person to marry. What dating Peter or Priscilla cannot do for you, knowing God would reveal it to you.

4. Financial Independence. Another urgent and important thing you should endeavor to achieve now that you are actually single is independence from financial rat race, and this is subject to how much information you have monetarily.
Don't wish to marry a wealthy man or a wealthy woman, be the wealthiest person others would want to marry.
Why depend on people for money or allow this entitlement mentality to limit you when you can think creatively, or learn a skill to make money? Save your money. Budget your spending. It is a financial ignorance to purchase something you don't need, or to be covetous of something you have no need for; don't live above your income, live below or average.

A singles man or woman who that doesn't pursue financial independence now that he is single will become a liability in marriage. There are profitable skills to acquire. Develop your talent and be diligent. If everyone won't be rich in life, choose not to be among the poor.

5. Have a roof over your head. It's a good thing to have rich parents who can provide for you shelter and other needs but it's best to also have shelter over your head where you can take care of yourself before marriage.
Paying of electricity bills and many other bills will not be a problem for you in marriage because when you are used to doing them when you were living alone. There's a sense of independence when you have shelter over your head taking care of by yourself than squatting with a friend and be planning for marriage with someone else who doesn't have a home or going after an immoral relationship.

6. Purpose discovery and its fulfillment.
Apart from truly serving God, and leveraging your spiritual stamina, the pursuit of your goal discovery and it's fulfillment is important in maximizing your single life.
If you don't think about serving God better now as your creator, you will end up going after earthly pleasure that its end result is destruction. 

Nobody will break your heart if you get more committed to God, also being committed to God will help you to achieve your destiny even more than you may have imagined.

Purpose discovery will make you to know the actual things of what your life is worth living for, however, its fulfillment gives you a satisfaction that your profession or relationship can't give you.
God originally created you for a purpose - discover it now that you are still single; because if you don't discover it now, other people will use you to fulfill their selfish purpose.

7. Understand Marriage and its timing.  Why do people cheat or divorce in marriage? One of the reasons is that they have the wrong understanding of marriage is before going into Marriage.
It is what you understood about marriage that determines your experience in it. You can't have a heaven on earth marriage when your perception is configured to your traditional or cultural values.
Having a boyfriend or girlfriend relationship can't give you the right understanding of marriage. Marriage is more honorable and valuable than the immoral relationship many pursue.

Don't believe any lies that marriage is a scam or that love is a game. It is the understanding they had that made about that makes them feel Marriage is a scam or a victim of broken relationship or marriage.
The best place to acquire the right understanding of marriage is in the Bible, not in Telemundo or movies. Is impossible to have a successful marriage when your believe and mentality about marriage is negative, or archaic. Remember after God, Your mind is the second director of your destiny, meaning you are the fruit of what you conceive in your mind.

I want you to know that everyone will not be married at the age of 22, 27, or 30 years. Your timing and God's timing can not be the same. If you choose your time above His or enter into marriage at the wrong time program for you by God, you may not enjoy your marriage, so the best is to walk with God so you can be successful.

Don't think of going into marriage because of pressure from relatives or emotional intimidation from anyone such as telling you to get married and become a responsible person. You should not get married knowing that a lot of things aren't established in your life, establish yourself before becoming someone's life partner.

The fact that you single is not bad or a disease, neither is it a time to waste your life on the pursuit of vanity things or frivolities. Be sound mentally. Be stable emotionally. Strive to be financially independent and gain weight spiritually. Being in a multiple dating in a decade doesn't make your life count, add more value to your life by knowing the purpose God created you and fulfill it.

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