9 Ways You Handle Conflicts In A Relationship Or Marriage.

Whether you are married or in a dating love relationship conflicts can still arise. Today's  inspiring article is aimed at helping you with the right knowledge so that you can comfortably handle your issues in a mature way. 

In marriage and dating relationships conflicts sometimes arise although there are  varieties of them. With some, conflicts could arise in the area of lovemaking while with others it could be in the areas of family monetary policy, personal profession, from extended families, child bearing, and parenting. Whatever the problem maybe, conflicts are not supposed to break up the relationship or cause in the marriage. You should see conflicts as the acid test in your union. Unknown to different people, conflicts test the strength of our love for each other, the strength of our character towards each other, the strength of our moral values in the Marriage, the strength of our spirituality, the strength of our maturity, the strength of our knowledge of what marriage truly is, the strength of our patience, the strength of our tolerance, and most importantly, our knowledge of God's word regarding relationship and marriage.

We will momentarily see the standards of conflicts resolutions.

1. Be calm: During clashes the nerves might be up, making anger to be much in us. And the outcome of the actions are mainly raised voices, and insults. But anger never solves anything. Be calm and address your issues.

2. Talk about the issues: Any issue which isn't examined can't be settled. Calmly discuss about the problem with the mind of settling them and not to make them worst.

3. Restrain yourselves from further provocations: Obviously, during disagreement, many of the times our feelings are upset. We are not in the right attitude. Please it's important that the two life partners shun themselves from further provocative words.

Don't insult, or lay curses, or start a fight. Exercise caution even you are under tension to speak your mind. There is no rules anywhere that declare that you should insult your partner while in a "disagreement" or when you are trying to resolve your problems. Insulting and abusing each other   will not solve the problem at hand. As a Matter of truth, if care is not taken, the man may end up taking action he will regret later. And to you the men, please don't lay your hands on your woman. It's true that some of them could be highly, highly provocative, still don't raise your hand against her. Caution yourself.

4. Settle the conflicts like friends, and not like enemies: Honestly, sometimes, conflicts can poison our emotions towards our lovers or spouses. And that's approximately what the devil wants to gain at the end of the day. His goal is to paint the man and his woman bad against each other and destroy their relationships and relationships. However, your sweetheart is not your enemy. Whatever the problem may be, that truth should not be forsaken because it helps in conflict resolution.

5. Be awesomely committed to seeking a resolution whenever there is conflict: Both those in a dating relationship or those in marriage should be very committed to finding solutions to their challenges and not making things worst because of slight misunderstanding among them. 

6. Be loyal, Faithful, submissive, and humble and ready at all times to let go:
Nothing breaks a relationship or marriage like pride. Pride, more often than none, is what is actually breaking relationship or marriage and not even the very problem. 
If you are a "no-nonsense" or "I will not accept this type of man or woman", just know it that your marriage will not last or better still, you will not experience a blissful Marriage. Be ready to compromise or even make some sacrifices for the good of your marriage. Provided marriage is concerned humility is the best, humility is not a weakness. So use it to the benefit of your marriage or relationship.

7. Forgive Each other: A solid relationship or marriage is one where the two lovers grasp the spot and force of forgiveness and show it every day. Don't allow the linger for days before resolving it. Please forgive yourselves just as God forgives us in Christ daily. At the point when you tell your spouse " I'm sorry for my words to you", it can heal emotional injuries and make a relationship not to break, and also save a marriage from collapsing. Please be wise.

8. Let the romance continue: Whenever a conflict in a dating love relationship or marriage has been settled with, please move on and forget about it. Let your intimacy continue from wherever you guys left it before the conflicts started. Forget about whatever that happened by not bottling grudges against each other, but start loving yourselves like you never done before.

9. If eventually you are not able to resolve the conflicts by yourselves please immediately look for a third-party to help you resolve it. At this point, for the good of those partners who can't settle their own issues without anyone else, it will be important for them to look for help. If it's not too much trouble, bring in your pastor, guidance, your mentor or any trusted and respectful individual to mediate in the issue. 

Try not to be timid, proud, or embarrassed to do that assuming that is the last or the best choice that could reunite your relationship or marriage and save it from breaking. By the way, didn't the Bible say: "In the multitude of counselors there is safety?"
Lastly, be reminded that divorce isn't God's plan for you because marriage is meant to be enjoyed and to last forever. Therefore, no matter the conflicts, while being angry at each other (that's alright), however, don't forget that God gets let down whenever there is a divorce. If you've been divorced already, please accept my utmost sympathy and prayers. God loves you and He is willing to redirect your life for your good. Just trust Him now like never before.

Right now I pray that your marriages and relationships shall not break up. Furthermore, every disturbed home or relationship receive heavenly attention now. Assuming there is anybody currently in a defective love relationship, I present you to God for him to supernaturally heal you both in Jesus name!

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