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A Prayer for Help Whenever You Are in Time of Trouble.

Whether trouble or you called it a challenge, life itself is not a bed of sliver and Gold. If it's physically seen, it has portholes, mentally seen it has challenges, and spiritually seen you can say that it's a battlefield.

In life nothing comes to you without you working for it whether directly or indirectly you have to work for it because this days manner doesn't fall like it happened in the book of old testament for the children of Israel.

Because nothing comes easy to you there will trouble on the road to success, and for you to succeed you must conquer them all.

For you to conquer at all times you must walk with the highest authority which is God almighty, so whenever you are in trouble of any kind, call on the help of God immediately with these prayer points and he will answer you.

1. Lord God my father, don't be angry and rebuke me because of my sin, don't punish me in your anger because of the wrong I have committed in the past, father Lord please help me be merciful to me.

2. I am worn out Oh Lord I urgently need your help, please have pity on me and my family to conquer our enemies, give me strength I need to fight to the end and be Victorious; I am completely exhausted please increase my strength, amen.

3. My whole being is deeply troubled now, my father and my creator how long will you wait before coming to help me out of this trouble, I have no power of my own, Lord God come and rescue me.

4. Come and save me, Lord from the hand of my enemies, in your mercy rescue me from the death pit prepared against me, give me Victoria over them all in the name of Jesus Christ.

5. In the world of the dead nobody remembers to worship you oh God, no one can praise you there so please don't allow me to go down to the place of no return, protect me and my family so I can be alive to serve you all the days of my life.

6. I am worn out with grief of the evil stones my enemies are throwing at me every night, my bed now is damp from my weeping because of trouble that I face day and night, my pillow is soaked with tears of sorrow and pain, come oh God and defend me for the glory of your name.

7. Is difficult for me to see now because my eyes are so swollen from the sorrow triggered by my adversaries. My father and my savior this trouble is about to overwhelm me, come now and help me.

8. Oh Lord God the maker of the universe, I know you can hear my heart weeping, do not overlook my pain, you are the only option I have.

9. Jehovah Elshedai, father listens to my cry for help with mercy, answer my prayer from your throne of liberty and deliverance, I am standing alone waiting for you to vindicate me.

I said these prayer in faith knowing that you have answered me in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
You can back up the prayer with a strong Bible passage of your choice such as Psalm 34, 6, 51, 50 verse 15.

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