Are you going through Hard Times? The best Place to Start is where you are at the moment.

Hardship or hard times as many people call it comes to everyone as long as you live in this world. The reason is because; there is too much selfishness in the world. People continue to amass wealth and fortune for themselves and their children without consideration for others. 

The worst thing is the fact that these people even take what lawfully belong to others in a spirit of competition.

They fail to realize that there is enough for everyone if only everyone can be considerate. Why should a government owe her workers their salaries after working for her? Why should a government refuse to pay retirees their pension having served meritoriously for 35 years? This is what is called wickedness.

The quest for supremacy and social recognition has also contributed to this quagmire thus; people continue to suffer in the hands of their fellow man. Time would not permit me to talk about politicians who refuse to deliver the dividends of democracy to her citizens who voted them in positions of authority. 

Having established that hardship or hard times comes to everyone and that no one would go through life on the flowery beds of ease, it becomes imperative for people to know how to escape hard times. Many people when they are going through this season of hardship, they think that that is the end of the world and life for them. They refuse to look for a way to escape the hard time and thus, remain grounded. However, the understanding that hard times are opportunities in disguise would make everyone triumph in a time of hardship.

We must come to that place where we believe that the best place for you to start is where you are at the moment if you are going through hard times. Opportunities are always where you are and never where you were. Don't ever think that you are defeated because you don't have the means right now but as Hamilton Mabie says, The question for every man to settle is not what he would do if had the means, time, influence, and education advantages, but what he will do with the things he has. What will you do now?

Don't allow yourself to be weighed down by the challenges of the moment but see these challenges as potential stepping stones out of hard times thus, be a problem solver and do not run from problems. Are you overweight right now and you wish to bring your body back to shape? Then, start exercising today. Are you poor and want to become rich tomorrow? Then, start acquiring skills to do so. Are you dull and performing poorly in school? Then, start reading, studying and acquiring relevant knowledge and surprise, surprise, you would start performing brilliantly in your school.

You must be patient as you take these deliberate steps to change the narrative. Rome was never built in a day thus; you should also exercise patience in your quest to wealth and great prosperity. We need to learn from the farmer who sows and waits patiently for the harvest in some time to come. Romans 8:25 says that, If we hope for that which we see not, then do we with patience wait for it. Where do you think you will see yourself in the next ten years from now?

Just imagine that you planted a seed in the soil that would take three weeks to germinate but out of curiosity and lack of patience, you went after one week to uproot it to see if it has germinated or not; you would only discover that you destroyed the seed due to your lack of knowledge or ignorance. Thus, as you are taking these steps in the direction of your dominant dreams and aspiration which is to change the narrative; never lose heart but keep at it and you will see the fruits very soon. It is all about being consistent.

Don't dwell on your past, look ahead and pick yourself up. Yes, you have missed all your opportunities in the past but what are you doing with the opportunities before you today? As you believe and do what you can do then, God will move on your behalf and perfect all your plans. Don't allow the fear of failure keep you from trying again. An average millionaire has failed an average of seventeen times in one business or the other but in the end, they made it because they didn't quit and that is the most important thing.

Remember that if you do not faint, you will always see progress. There is hope at the end of the tunnel and though, it may not be rosy at the moment, your vision should be stayed on the end product. A mountain climber climbs from peak to peak before he comes to the end of his journey. An Olympic athlete continues to endure pain in training, he puts in incredible hours of hard work, determination and persistence only because; his eyes is fixed on the Golden Medal which he will get when the competition begins. This should be everyone's desire because; if you can fix your eyes on the prize, you will not be disappointed. Begin from where you are today and see what tremendous changes will happen to your life and career. 

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