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Is God Responsible For Choosing Who You Will Marry?

The above-mentioned question is of great interest to all believers in Christianity and those of the other faiths either Muslim or traditional worshipers.
Does God really choose husband or wife for people? The answer is NO.

The confusion many people have about this question is with the terminologies "revealing" and "choosing." God may reveal a life partner to you as his child if you ask Him to, but He doesn't choose anyone for you to marry. The choice is your prerogative.
Please understand that revealing or showing is not the same as choosing, they are completely different.

Throughout the bible, God guided His people in taking different decisions. He led them and showed them the way to go irrespective of the challenges on their way. But whatever that came out of the process was entirely the people's choice, not God's choice or decision.
Right from the beginning of the creation our Adam and Eve, God made us all free moral agents here on earth. He created us with willpower (we are not robots). We are left to make choices and take decisions on our own whether good or bad.
Over the years, many people if not all of us, were taught or believed that God chooses spouses for people to marry. That belief has been fueled by the fact that many of us have had personal spectacular encounters with God, many had a revelation of their life partner before meeting the person face to face.

In 2018, the day I first met the woman who is now my wife and the mother of my children, that every moment of my meeting her, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that she was the one for me to marry. Yes, God revealed her to me but it was now left for me to decide and choose her or let her go.

From realities on the ground, we all know that not everyone chooses whom God has revealed to them to marry. While we were still in courtship, I met a very pretty woman.
As we're chatting on Facebook, I asked her about her love life and if she's currently in any relationship. She informed me that there is a particular person God kept showing to her in her dream. The challenge she had was that she was not attracted to the man in question but I was seriously attracted to her. I clearly told her that there was not going to be us because I am already in a courtship with another woman. She felt downcast because of that but I told her the truth. She was a long time old friend of mine.

When I left her online, I thought the discussion over a possible relationship with her had ended since the chat has come to an end. But I have mistaken about it. This lady tried everything within her power to get me. One fateful day I had a revelation where she was pregnant and wanted to transfer the pregnancy to me as the man that is responsible for it. When I woke up from that dream I was very much disturbed. Does it mean that this lady is truly pregnant? What was she up to for this nasty plan? I really didn't get the message as expected; I prayed over that and I forgot about the dream and that was it.

After some days, she called to inform me that she wants to visit me. Innocently I told her that she was welcome to my home. At that time, as a nation, we were preparing for a national holiday of two days which was already announced on national television. This lady boarded a bus to come to my place and when she called to ask for my bus stop, it was then I remembered the dream I had about her. I told her that I wasn't available to receive her anymore and she felt very disappointed in me. It was at that point in time I got the full meaning of the dream.

She left home not early enough although she was coming from a far distance. I am not sure she had the plan of going home that same day since there are holidays already. She may have planned the sleepover and you know something may have happened that very night. Thank God I didn't welcome her again.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, God never chooses or forces anyone on us to marry. Whatever choice or decision we make is wholly on us because he is fine with that.

Knowing God's will is not as important as choosing God's will so far as marriage is concerned. What helps us is not the powerful revelation about a life partner we have, but your choice. Hearing God's voice is a challenge to many of us. It's so because many of us are not disciplined and are not always or never connected to the spiritual frequency.

Being children of God, our connection and moving with God is on the wheels of spiritual connectivity. It functions like radio or television frequency because you have to connect to the frequency for you to able to hook up with it. 

The question is: are you connected to the heavenly frequency. That's the beauty of Christianity

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