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Easiest Ways To Attract Your Mr Right Quicker And Faster.

Some women thinks that being friendly with a man will make them believe they are cheap so they act aloof or tough to keep their "dignity" and "honour", meanwhile you may never attract your soul mate by acting that way.

What makes a woman cheap is pre-marital affair or allowing guys to play with her body inappropriately. 

1. Desperation. Chasing a guy that doesn't have single interest in you also makes you cheap to him, aside that baby, no where you are cheap for God's sake!
Being friendly with a man will not make you lose the rapture when Jesus Christ comes the second time to take his people, neither will your virginity disappear from you because you smile and discuss things with godly brothers around you.

2. Be friendly. Friendly women easily attract suitors for themselves. Learn to smile with people. Stop wearing the problems of your family on your face like you wear makeup! Everyone has their own problems, we should all learn to handle our challenges with maturity so it will not affect us emotionally.

3. Stop treating men like trash so they can see you as super classic woman! Stop acting as if you don't need a man in your life, you need a man either as a boyfriend or as a husband, because you are a woman and a man needs you too in his life. 
Darling you need a man in your life. You should be humble, and acknowledge it and make yourself available, approachable, likeable and lovable for anyone that admired you. If you don't need a man in your life, you will not be envying your friends and siblings who are getting married to their lovers.

4. That you made mistakes in your past relationships or marriage doesn't mean you should now act cold to show true repentance, or not willing to accept relationship or Marriage proposal from someone that genuinely love you, no! The Bible says that a man that has friends must himself be friendly. Check the book of Proverbs chapter 18 verse 24. If you want men to always troop towards you, then you should be friendly and not be proud or difficult to associate with people.

5. You need to caution yourself while creating the avenue for friendship otherwise your being friendly will turn to something else against you. You should start by setting boundaries. Don't allow someone of the opposite gender to touch you inappropriately in the name of being friendly with you. Don't visit a man alone in his apartments including your Pastor if the wife is not around don't visit him because he is human therefore he has feeling.

6. Don't run after a man that can not respond or reciprocate your friendliness to him. Friendship is a two way edge. If I call you, you should also call me. If I am respectful to you, you are expected to respect me as well. If you are the one doing all the calls alone, reaching out to chat on social media without the other person reciprocating, then you should know that the friendship is not healthy and you need to re-define it now before it will hurt you.

You will not miss your destined suitor in the name of Jesus Christ, amen .

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