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How To Become A Master In Any Field Of Endeavour.

It is said that ignorance is not a result of lack of knowledge but a result of misinformation. Every day, we come across people who are stagnated, stranded, struggling with issues in life. Issues that could easily be solved by the acquisition of right information but laziness keep them perpetually grounded in circles. 

They would never seek for information in their area of expertise; they will fold their hands and think that life will present the best to them. They refuse to realize that life is unfair to everyone: life presents what it can present to all and it is left for highly effective individuals to capitalize on the opportunities that life presents. No one will go through life on the flowery beds of ease says Kenneth E. Hagin. The difference between two people is always the degree to which such persons have taken advantage of the opportunities that life presents their way.

Have you ever seen somebody going around the same spot in life? This happens because such persons fail to realize that in life, there is nothing that is new. Whatever has being is what shall be and whatever is, is what shall be and there is nothing new under the sun. That is to say that, there is nothing that you will want to learn about in life that doesnt have some sort of material documented that you can gain knowledge from. This is where the library, internet and social platforms become very vital.

One of the characteristic features of all wise men is the fact that they are devoted and committed to life-long learning. Life-long learning simply means that they keep reading materials that come their way every day in life. They realize that no knowledge is wasted and thus, they continue to learn and get acquainted with the latest news in their field. It is said that the destiny of people who refuse to learn and acquire knowledge is shame, embarrassment, poverty and foolishness.

A man is a fool when he refuses to acquire knowledge because; it is only through knowledge that foolishness is conquered.
Thus, in becoming a master in any field of endeavour; one needs to constrain himself in reading materials that are relevant to his area of expertise. That is to say that you read relevant materials at least 30 to 60 minutes every day in your field of endeavour. We must realize that if we are a jack of all trade, we shall be masters of none. No man is an island as it is written, No one is a monopoly of knowledge. 

This is why people must remain humble and learn from others. The role of mentors and coaches cannot be over-emphasized in this case. Therefore, we must concentrate our energies specifically in our area of expertise if we want to master our field of expertise. If you must become a master in any field, you must not try to know everything. Will Rogers say that, Everyone is ignorant only on different subjects matters. Imagine a man trying to be an Engineer, Accountant, Barber, Cleaner, Driver, Doctor, Architect, Mechanic etc., it is simply called time wasting. This is why; it is advised that you develop yourself to be proficient and very competent in your field. It is only then that people can pay you gladly for their ignorance. 

It is written that Iron sharpens iron, so shall a man sharpen the countenance of his friend thus, get around the right people. This is another way to become a master in your field of endeavour. It is said that anyone who gathers the highest amount of information in any particular field soon rises to the top of such fields and this is especially true, if you associate with intellectuals in your field of endeavour. As a matter of fact, you must associate and maintain contact with professionals in your field for you to be validated because, people like to recommend those they know and trust to handle key positions in their organization. Thus, if you want to become a master, begin to associate right away.

What you know is what gives you power. People pay excellent rewards for those that can give them value as a result of what they know; they also pay failure and frustration to those that have no value to give. Thus, if we must be masters, we must seek to add and give value which comes about by the acquisition of the right information and knowledge. I tell you that wrong information will keep you grounded forever and that is why, for you to stay current, you need relevant information. Also, associating with the professionals in your field ensures that you acquire such relevant knowledge.

Don't ever be an island of yourself because, he who dwells among the wise will soon become wise. This is a fact of life and must be imbibed for maximum effectiveness in any field of endeavour.

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