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How To Cook A Delicious Fried Rice With Low Expenses.

Fried Rice is sweet even though it depends on the ingredients you used but if you follow this step here you will get it right, and you will enjoy your favorite food.

Below are the necessary ingredients for cooking fried rice but remember to reduce the quantity of the ingredients if you are not cooking too much rice.

1. Rice.
2. Cooking oil.
3. Onions.

4. Garlic (but you can forget about garlic if you don't like the smell in your food or you don't like it at all but it will add aroma to your food if you add it).

5. Curry. (Don't make use of curry leaf because you are not just cooking jollof rice, if it's jollof rice you can add curry leaf).
6. Maggi.
7. Thyme.
8. Salt to taste.

9. Meat stock will add taste to it too.
10. Liver. This is not compulsory if you don't like it or was not able to buy it because of money.

11. Hot dog Sausage.
12. Carrots. You should to slice the carrots into pieces.
13. Chicken meat.

14. Bell peppers (red,yellow,green)
Bonnet pepper
15. Seasonings.
16. Sweet corn.
17 Green peas.
18. Spring onions.

Preparations for fried Rice:
Parboil your rice and set it aside, then season your chicken and marinate it and put it on fire, while in a pot you will then add your cooking oil, the sliced onions, sliced garlic and stir it for a while then again add the parboiled rice and curry and stir it again, add the Maggi,the sachet of thyme and salt, stir it properly and finally add your chicken stock and warm water and leave to cook well.

Now in a pan, add your cooking oil, onions, the liver, hot dog sausage and stir it a bit then add the sliced carrot, bell peppers, stir for a while then add the Larsor seasoning, salt, sweet corn, green peas then stir it and keep.

Now add your veggies and spring onions to your rice and stir it and your delicious Friend Rice is read to be Enjoyed .

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