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How To Create Your Own Marital Experience.

When my wife and I newly got married, we already new how our marriage will be in the future, this is because before our wedding, not like many singles who do nothing than lovemaking and dining, we prayed a lot about our marriage, talked a lot of many things, attended different relationship seminars and pre-marriage counseling sessions, planned a lot and prepared very well for our marriage, remember I am not talking wedding. We just could not wait to seal our marriage rite.

Friends, nothing happens in marriage by chance. Things are made happened. If you want a godly marriage, you are the one that will create it. If you want a marriage full of romance, you are the one that will create it. If you want a marriage full of trust, romance, a marriage full of friendship or friendliness, a marriage full of lovemaking satisfaction, marriage full of honor, loyalty, submissiveness, respect, and faithfulness is your responsibility to create it. Nobody will crate it for you and your spouse, so start working like a team now in order for you to achieve it.

You don't need to be desirous and jealous or even resent others' relationships. How about you making your own marital experience to be great? How about you making your own marriage to work like theirs?

Since I got married, some people have told me that I am lucky with my marriage. Really? My marriage is not a product of luck, but a product of team work with my partner in love. Nothing great can happen by chance, and marriage is inclusive. 

To me, marriage is serious business. I handle it like I handle my expert profession. It's my life, so I don't mess with it by any means. My lovely spouse imparts same feelings to me, and together we're resolving our marriage deliberately everyday with wisdom, responsibility and the beauty of God.

Enough of all this "cat and rat" marital experience in your marriage. Enough of this fighting marital experience. Enough of this antagonism in your marriage. Enough of all these bitterness, rancour, lack of forgiveness, malice, distrust, suspicions and cheating in your marriage. 

Do like my soulmate and I did years back: we chose to make it work by excusing ourselves, offering ourselves one more opportunity to cherish and committing ourselves, our all to making it work. By the grace of God we are both happy for it. 

To God be all the glory. But the question is: Are you willing and ready to give it your best, your all? If yes is your response then you are welcome to the Domain OF happy marriage and Relationships.

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