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How To Prepare Peppered Snails.

Snail is a delicious meat, of course is an animal found in the bush or can be trained at home for the benefits of business or for personal consumption. Also going with the fact that snail meat is expensive in some part of Nigeria they are very few that eat snail meat daily or weekly basis.

Training snail at home is easy but must know how to go about it too otherwise you will fail and lose your money, so in order for you to get it right you will need the guidance of an expert, someone who has been in snail farming for many years.

Today we are going to talk about how to prepare Delicious Peppered Snail meat, the easiest way.

1. Snails - your desired quantity.
2. Red bell peppers.

3. Garlic cloves, but if you don't like garlic you can forget about it, although it will add aroma to it. 

4. Cayenne pepper.
5. Ginger.
6. Onion flakes or Onions bulbs.

7. Paprika powder.
8. Seasoning cubes.
9. Lemons or Limes.
10. Vegetable oil of your choice.
11. Salt.

Procedures for preparations:
Your first step is to remove the snails from its shell, put the snail meats into a bowl and use the lemon juice to wash until them to remove the slimming off totally then rinse with clean water.

Next step is to pour the washed snails meat into a cooking pot and season it with salt, your sliced onions, your seasoning cubes, add little water and stir it. Cover the pot completely to cook for 30 to 40minutes or until it's soft. You need to cook the Snails meats well so it will be soft for you to enjoy it.

Next thing to do is to get your blender, pour in your cleaned bell peppers, the pealed garlic cloves, the cayenne pepper, the pealed ginger and blend roughly. Don't add much water but you can use little water to blend it so it will be like a paste.

Check the snails you have been cooking for about 20 minutes. Once it's soft, you can fry with oil or grill in an oven on 350 degree heat for just 10 minutes. Please make sure that you don't grill or fry the snails until it's dry, if you do that it will reduce the delicious taste.

In a frying pan, you should add little quantity of vegetable oil, and  when the vegetable oil is hot, immediately add the blended peppers, the shopped onions flakes, paprika powder, your ready seasoning cubes and a pinch of salt then stir everything together to mix it well. (In a situation you don't have the onion flakes you can make use of the normal onions. Fry the sauce between 5 to 10 minutes after which you taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. 

When you are done, carefully transfer the cooked snails into the sauce and stir very well until all the snails marinades with the sauce then let it cook for 3 to 5minutes turn off the heat. Garnish with diced onions.

Serve and Enjoy with chilled palm wine or any soft drink of your choice. Or you can even enjoy it with yoghurt brand of your choice.

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