How to Process Sweet Potatoes To Flour.

As human food is important to us and we can transform different food to another one depending on our want and needs at the moment.

Today I want to educate us on you can easily and locally process sweet potatoes floor at home conveniently.

With these 10 steps here you can achieve that process easily at home.

1. Peel your sweet potatoes.
2. Wash your sweet potatoes.

3. Soak the sweet potatoes inside water for the maximum of 5 days and make sure that the water is above the sweet potatoes every day.

4. Change the water daily. You must change the water every day. This process of changing the water every day takes away the sweetness from the potatoes daily as you change the water.

5. On the 5th days, the sweet potatoes will become very soft.
You have to drain it from the water and put the sweet potatoes in any sack of your choice that will contain the whole quantity.

6. Make use of a big heavy stone or any heavy object to apply enough pressures on the sack this will make it to completely drain the whole water.

7. When the water is drained, Sun dry the sweet potatoes for days untill it's very dry or use dehydrator to achieve this.
8. Take the sweet potatoes to the grinding engine and grind it to powdered texture.

9. Filter the potatoes flour to separate it from shaft and also this will make it to be smooth.

10. Procedure to prepare sweet potatoes flour is same as Amala, cassava flour, plantain flour and poundo yam floor.
Enjoy your delicious meal.

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