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List of Things That Can Possibly Make A Man Want to Marry You.

It's a serious topic. Women, who rarely enter into relationships for the sake of it, want real commitment and ‘forever after'. With such high expectations, it's understandable if the male in the relationship doesn't propose within the expected time frame. So, in finding his ‘inmate,' the man considers many things. 

A man is looking for particular attributes in a lady he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

1) Give yourself time and importance. Don't allow a relationship consume you. Your guy needs to understand that you value yourself, have your own goals and objectives, and can't always be available. He'll get bored of you if you don't have a life of your own. Make arrangements to focus on yourself for a while. Work exercise, take better care of your skin and hair, and relax at a spa.

2) Be yourself. Men can detect a false woman from a mile away. Most women want to marry so badly that they fake attributes they don't have. If you do this, you're on your own. Men despise fakes. If you have bad attitude, let it show, but be willing to work on it. No one is perfect. If a man genuinely loved you, he would look for a way to assist you manage it. But trying to hide it all and only showing your bright sides will confuse him.

3) Become his weakness. Though he hasn't proposed to you, he may regard you as a possible life partner. Maybe he needs reassurance that you're the best fit. To do this, you need be his confidante, best friend, and master cook. You must accept that your partner needs time away from you. He will like your lack of insecurities and your willingness to give him space. He'll eventually realize that marriage doesn't mean giving up his freedom and flexibility, and he'll be excited to marry you.

4) Be understanding and support him. Any good relationship starts with understanding. You can't work together unless you truly understand your man. Know his limitations and talents. Knowing his flaws helps you comprehend his behavior and cognitive processes. Knowing his strengths allows you to support him better. You can also assist him financially.

5) Respect him. Respect his privacy in certain areas. If you don't like something about him, don't whine about it to your family and girlfriends. There are countless instances, but the key point is that you respect him.

6) Don't pressure him. I know you've been with him for 2, 3, years and he hasn't proposed, but don't remind him. “When are you going to visit my parents?” or the same questions will be asked as pressure, and we all hate to be forced, surely not in marriage. He's been with you for that long and is still there. 

Be with him and continue your business. 
Men don't always propose when you expect them.

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