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Prayers For Overflowing Of Blessing.

Our Bible Verse For Today is taken from the book of Hosea 10:12 

I said, ‘Plant the good things of holiness, and you will harvest a crop of love. Plough up the hard part of your souls, for now is an ideal time to look for the Lord, that he might come and shower righteousness upon your life.'

I Pray For You today.

1. You will not eat from the pot of your enemy in mighty name of Jesus Christ;

2. It is your turn to share good news, your dancing steps will change, and you will dance your dance with joy in the mighty name of Jesus Christ;

3. The Lord will set you free from the power that is holding you in bondage in the mighty name of Jesus Christ;

 4. As this day is moving on  to the weekend, people will gather to celebrate God's manifestation in your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ;

5. Any authority troubling your life will disappear by fire in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

 You are blessed.

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