The 4 Important Things You Should Know About Online Dating Relationships.

 Love is beautiful and awesome thing to experience, and it can happen anywhere. Over the years, people have found love in different places; from the conventional to the unconventional places and ways. Social media is one of such unconventional places to find love relationships. 

A social media platform such as Facebook is filled up with people seeking for true love. While it has worked out for a whole lot of people, however, it didn't work for many people.
Today's post is not on debating whether or not social media love relationships works or is not working. There's actually nothing wrong with dating online even on social media. But the challenge of many people is the adherence to some relationship guidelines.

Few days ago, I told the single men who date ladies online not to ask ladies to travel to meet them in a different distance location, province, city or country where they reside if they yet to meet for the first time. 

Here are the reasons.
1. As a man you are the one to make that first move and visit the lady: 
Biblically and morally, it's the man's duty to initiate such move first and not the lady. He is the one to show how determined and committed he is to that lady first. He should be doing some kind of chasing no matter how far or busy he thinks he is with his daily schedules because he is the one dating that lady. Therefore it's wrong for a lady to make such first trip.

2. You have not seen her physically before:
It's not advisable for a lady who met a man online to travel to meet that man for the first time in different city or location, more especially locations that are far away. When traveling what reason will she give to her parents or guidance at home? Who will she say she is going meet? A man she hasn't met before? Which parents and guidance will be pleased to hear that from a lady?

3. It's not safe for a lady to take such step: 
These days, not all we see on social media are not created with sincere heart. Some social media accounts are not created with real intention. Some fraudsters, kidnappers, ritualists, rapists are on social media looking for who to destroy their lives. Asking a lady to travel to come see you in another city or location physically for the first time is insensitive and selfish on the part of any man. As a man or father, can you allow your daughter or sister to travel great miles to go meet a man she has never seen physically before in another state, city, province or country?  Although many do it, however, it's not right and is not safe.

Here is how to go about a social media love relationship:

1. Start with friendship and always discuss your interests. For example things about sports, politics, education, games, etc. Discussing love at first sight online is immature and is very wrong. How could you be sure that the the person you are talking to is a lover? I can vividly remember my experience 11 years ago, I was in a cyber cafe where I saw a 23 year-old young man chatting with a white woman in another country. This young man had used the picture of a different man to deceive the man, making her to believe that he was an expatriate working in Nigeria. The 51 year-old woman fell for it. She didn't know that the person she was talking to wasn't real.

2. If you wish to take the online relationship to the next level, try to meet the person physically first: is not advisable to discuss love or even propose marriage online to someone you haven't met in person before.
Recently, I was shocked to my bone marrows. I belong to different Facebook and WhatsApp groups. Among those groups, one of them is headed by a visually impaired lady. All these years of my interacting with her online as my coordinator, I never knew she had that health condition until she told me recently. Although visually impaired, she is such a wonderful lady. Now imagine if I was single and I had fallen in love with her or had proposed marriage to her online without meeting her physically to see her appearance, the day I will meet her I will realize that she has that condition. What will happen to the relationship? Do you think I will be happy to continue with the relationship?

3. Ladies, don't travel far distance to meet with a man that you are meeting for the first time in his house or hotel room: The ideal place to meet for the first time in a dating relationship is a public place, places like a restaurant, or eatery, it could be amusement park, a cinema, in a public garden, etc. Meeting a someone for the first time in his house or hotel room is wrong and not safe.
4. For the Men, you should not be telling a lady to visit you in your house, city of residence, state or country when you have not come to first see where she and her family are staying.

Finally, it's not prudent for a woman to go out to one city or state to go and meet a man she just met on the internet.
For moral and security reasons, it's better that the man does that first. There's a lot of unacceptable and insecurity things happening nowadays.  

Dear Ladies, please wise up! Men be sensitive and be gentle enough not to ask for some things from ladies even if they don't mind doing it.

Be a true leader as you show her true love from your heart.

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