The Transformative Power Of Forgiveness In Marriage And Relationships.

Although marriage is a great experience, however, periodically because of our imperfections, we court troubles in it. 
Sometimes, because of the way we perceive marital crises, or how deep we are hurt, we find it very difficult to forgive our erring spouses.

Today, my mission to Married couples is to call on them to sheath their warring swords and embrace peace. Yes, marital peace is very important if the Marriage must be healthy and successful!

There are no marriages where at some point or another spouses don't offend the other person (the fact that your spouse didn't complain to you doesn't mean you don't hurt them. Some will not talk till your cup is filled up). No matter their size and gravity, offences are bound to happen in marriages or relationships. Offences happen every now and then to remind us of our humanity nature. We humans are not perfect, is only God that is perfect.

Dear friends, marriage is not a place of perfection; it is a place where two imperfect souls learn and grow together by depending on God's grace to lead them.
If your spouse has erred you, and has asked for your forgiveness, please lovely forgive them. Forgiveness is one bag spouses are to take on their marital journey. If you left your own bag of forgiveness somewhere else, "sorry"  will be your story in that Marriage.

I understand your spouse may have offended you badly. I also understand that you have every right to be angry because you were hurt. But one thing you should also do is to forgive. Forgiveness aside being God's command to his loving children, is also therapeutic in nature. Although God heals the marital wounds, forgiveness is the soothing balm he uses during the healing process. Without forgiveness the pains become unbearable. Please forgive because you need it!

I know your spouse might have betrayed your trust and faithfulness. I know your spouse may have made you lose a big contract worth of millions. I know your spouse cheated on you with someone you feel you are better than. I know your spouse may have insulted your parents or has disrespected you in the marriage for too long. Maybe you were taken for granted for a long time. I know your spouse didn't behave right in the marriage but you were hoping he or she will change for good, and still there was no positive change. But please forgive them. That's the starting point for marital healing. Forgiveness Kick-starts the whole process of healing an emotional wounds.

The new year is finally here; please let no spouse live with hurts, rancour, animosity, and unforgiveness from the previous years. Please kindly make peace and forgive yourselves today.

I am your darling marriage and relationships Coach yet last month (few days to the new year), I asked my wife to forgive me in any way I might have offended her. She smiled and told me that she has forgiven me. I am always happy to know that I am forgiven by my wife. My wife is always happy to know that I have forgiven her as well. 

Friends, one thing that my wife likes so much about me is that I am a very humble folk. I'm too quick to apologise when I have offended her. She started observing it when we were former colleagues at our former place of work. Those days, I will be quick to apologise to junior and senior staff members when I offended them and that spoke volumes about my personality towards every body. Humility is not weakness, but one of the greatest strengths you must have in life. Being proud and unwilling to apologise when you get it wrong is weakness, and it has caused many divorces out there. Pride is a great enemy of marriage, stay away from proud attitude for your own good.

Therefore, to all the warring couples out there, I am inviting you to do the needful and heal your marriages and rapport with your spouses. Please forgive yourselves today!

This is your year of marital bliss. Thank you for reading, feel free to comment, like and share to educate someone else.

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