What It Really Means To Be A Respectful Spouse.

We all know that respect is reciprocal but apart from that what does respect from a wife to her husband means to the man? Is important for us to understand that a man cherishes a respectful woman more than a beautiful well endowed woman who is disloyal and dishonoring to her husband.

We are going to be exploring what respect from a woman means to her husband.

1. It means not comparing him to other men outside there.

2. Not exposing his weakness and failure to the public about just to put him to shame.

3. It means not shouting at him in private or in public irrespective of the fact that she may be older than him or she is richer than him.

4. It means not belittling his achievements or contribution for the growth of the family.

5. Not making fun of his performance in the bedroom and using it against him in the presence of his family and friends.

6. Not reminding him how she helped him with her money as if she did him a favour and are his Saviour instead of seeing her help to him as part of her support to her man.

7. Not bad mouthing him in the presence of the children with abusive words.

8. Not telling him you are the one who wears the pants in the home.

9. It means not denying him food with the intention to punish him maybe because he doesn't have a job which makes him to be financially incapable to provide food for the family.

10. Not doing things for him with a negative attitude that you are his savior instead of seeing yourself as his helpmate.

11. Not gossiping about your man with your friends and family, making him to look inferior in their presence. Is your duty to protect your partner in the presence of other people because ridiculing your spouse has a lot of impact on your identity.

12. Not romantically or intimately entertaining other men face to face or on the phone knowing fully well that your man is against it.

13. It means not calling him abusive names that will demean him or make him think you are degrading him for any reason best known to you.

14. Not parading his weakness on social media, making his friends and fellow workers not be respecting him as before.

15. Not refusing to make love to him without giving him an honest reason for such reason; for example he presently hurts you emotionally so he can make amends or because of health reasons. If disrespectful to deny a man his conjugal rights except where there's a health issue but by then it will not be a denial because it's understandable.

16. Not banging the doors and sneering at him as if you don't have regards for him.

17. Not talking badly at him in front of visitors and family members.

18. Not blaming him for every errors, to the extent that you forget to see your own mistakes but concentrating on his own mistakes as if you are perfect whereas nobody is perfect.

Respecting your husband does not mean you fake a smile or ignore issues; but that you invite him to address the issues respectfully. Most men accept correction when done out of love not one that comes as  an ambush.

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