13 Important Reasons Why You Should Always Pray With Your Spouse At All Times.

Prayer is not only important to our personal lives, prayer is also important to other things that concerns us or that are connecting us to our loved ones and marriage is one of them.

In this article you will see the reasons why prayer is important in your marriage, how it will benefit your marriage if you always Pray for your partner and also pray together.

Here we go for it.

1. Because God is the giver of life. Because of presence of God in your marriage, you and your spouse have life and are able to love each other genuinely.

2. Because your love is a blessing and you need to give thanks to God daily. A grateful marriage partner is a strong partner.

3. To present your needs to God as a couple. Let it not be your relationship/marriage is in lack because you don't present your needs to God.

4. Prayer keeps you both united. God is your anchor, your unifying factor. You and your partner God at the center; This is a cord made up of three people which can not easily be broken.

5. To cover each other. Especially since no human being knows you better than your marital partner because of this he or she knows what to pray to God for you.

6. Prayer makes you both humble. When humility takes over your home, you and your spouse will rarely fight, or argue to the extent keeping malice.

7. Prayer reveals to you, your past wrongs deed. As you pray, God will convict you of what wrong you are doing in your relationship or marriage; the first step to changing for the better.

8. Prayer makes you both forgiving. The more you commit your marriage to God, the more caring, loving, loyal and forgiving you become to each other.

9. Prayer enhances faithfulness. It will be impossible for you to cheat on the person you always pray for except if you are not truly praying for the person.

10. Prayer keeps you both grounded and focused because it constantly reminds you that God is watching how you treat each other. It makes you more accountable.

11. Prayer helps to relieves stress, emotional burdens, and marital storms which are bound to be there in marriage and in our lives.

12. Prayer gives vision and direction. Relationships or marriages require leadership. "Where are we going?", "How do we handle this situation?"

13. For you to always protect your relationship or marriage from your enemies; even physical and spiritual enemies. Life has a spiritual dimension not only the physical one., prayer is your armor.

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