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14 Ways You Restore Joy And Happiness Back To Your Marriage.

Both joy and happiness doesn't take effect overnight, rather it takes process for it to be accomplished. The fact remains that nobody will say that he or she doesn't want joy and happiness in their marriage but the challenge most people have is how to make it happen in their marriage. 

There are steps and guidance you should follow if you want to experience Joy And Happiness in your marriage or you want to restore it back, with these guidance you can make it right again.

1. Avoid taking things too personal in your union. Stop the habits of overthinking as if the issue on grand is directly against you, if anything is happening, see it as a family challenge of which you are mandated to contribute to the solution.

2. Always ask for forgiveness whenever you offended your partner. Offense can harden someone's hearts, thereby taking away joy that's supposed to rule the family but when you sincerely apologized and ask for forgiveness, joy and happiness will be restored.

3. Stop being too matured to play with your spouse. Always be playful irrespective of the condition at home. Just because you are growing in ages or because you are a working adult should not stop you from playing with your lover, playing together has a positive impact on your marriage so utilize it for the good of your marriage.

4. Don't forget to always dwell in the presence of God because of his fullness of joy. God is love and love is joy, you now see how tremendously important dwelling in the presence of God is in your life.

5. Spend time together as loving couple including the children. The young ones have a way of bringing out joy in you especially while discussing and joking with the things that happened during the day. Remember your family is your life, so they should be part of your happiness and joy.

6. Separate yourself from negative people that are always complaining, gossiping and dumping joy. Negative is always negative no matter the angle you are viewing it from and in order for you to be safe from the impact of negative people in your marriage, you just have to separate yourself from them, that's all.

7. Discuss and Laugh with your lover, watch comedy movies together, crack jokes while you are busy enjoying the moment.

8. Have discussion that are beyond home chores and responsibilities. Discuss important things like Financial plan for the year, children vacation, your holidays, project for the year, how to lovemaking more and more, and better ways to spend quality time together with your family. There are many things to discuss, go ahead and discuss them.

9. Repent from your unpleasant attitude. Whatever issues you are convicted of in the past or present, sincerely repent and make peace with God and your family, yes you are not perfect but with God on your side you can be your best.

10. Avoid doing things that will make you feel guilty. Guilt is a terrible joy and happiness killer both physical and spiritual, so whatever that will make you feel guilty after you have done it, stay away from that act and safe yourself the consequences.

11. Make love more often with your spouse, do it without timetable. It releases feel good hormones, therefore creating more avenue for joy and happiness in your marriage. Your body belong to each other, except for health issue, make love to your partner, enjoy yourselves as you want, there's no better time to do it than now.

12. Travel together with your significant other and discover new places. Traveling together also creates new interesting and romantic memories. It must not be an expensive place, go to where you can conviniently afford, what matters the most is the memories shared.

13. Stop worrying too much especially about things you don't have the ability to change. When things like this happen, put hands together as one team, with collective efforts you can achieve a tremendous goal but when you try to resolve it alone, you will not achieve good results.

14. Always, I mean make it a habit to always compliment each other. Complimenting your partner will lighten up his or her spirit towards you and creates a joyful experience as well.

May God help you to restore back JOY in your marriages and personal lives, amen.

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