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18 Ways To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You.

I am a woman. I want to help men to know what makes a lady ticks, how to get her to say yes to you and put an end to years of frustration in getting a quality woman of your choice to marry. The first place to start is to know what turns ladies off and try as much as possible to avoid them like plague. You should also Know what turns her on and do them with pleasure because of her. 

Now let's go in:
The 18 easiest ways to make the woman of your desire to fall in with you.

1. Don't Approach A Lady By Calling Her Pet Names: It's a huge turn off for ladies. For crying out loud, you don't know her before, you just saw her from afar distance or on Facebook group and you are already saying "Hi honey." What's Honey? Honey from where? Where and when you do you know her to the extent of calling her Honey? Stop it because by doing it she could easily think you are a player.

2. Don't Be Desperate: Desperate guys are a big turn off for ladies! You will look like someone who doesn't have a job who's desperate to get a woman solve all his Financial life problems. She will disappear from your side faster than you expected because you are acting as if you will be a liability to her.

3. Get Busy: No woman likes an indolent man who spends all his time on social media. If you are a clean online business person that's understandable, carry go but if all you do is just to post your pictures while waiting for comments from your online friends morning, afternoon and, in the night then you are not qualified to be in marriage with any woman. Get something doing for yourself, something that can provide Financial solutions, let her fall in love with you because of what you do for a living.

4. Be Clean: Drooling mouth, stinking breath and stained T-shirt can not get any lady's attention for you unless you want a dirty lady as a wife because you can only attract who you are. Learn how to be clean from your head to your feet. Don't approach a serious woman ready to be with you with bad breathe, she will lose interest in you immediately.

5. Bad Grooming: Avoid this please. Tangled hair, colour riot, bad body posture is something you should see yourself doing. You can't wear a brown shirt with a lemon trousers matched with white pairs of shoes, joined with black tie, and you want to approach an intelligent woman, what are even doing? Are you sure of what you want and who you want? Please buckle up as a man.

6. Study Her First: This is where some men land themselves into trouble. You don't know a lady from anywhere. You just see her walked pass you and immediately your inner mind has spoken to you! The next thing you did was to tell her that God says she is your wife!" Well, desperate and someone that's frustrated may give you a "Yes" as an answer right away, not the virtuous ones that will like to know more about you physically and spiritually before engaging in something deep with you. Is advised that while you admire her, try to know her before you conclude that she is your wife.

7. Start As Friends And  not with "I love you." What do you  love about her that attracted you to her? Have you ever seen her at her worst situation such as when she is angry? With friendship you will know her better and even know how to always relate with her no matter her mood.

8. Start With Genuine Compliments not flattery and not something unpleasant: Don't say
"What a attractive hips you have got!" on your first time of meeting her? Well, a virtuous woman will not blush at that compliment. Don't just admire her body but admire her personality, with this you have got her attention.

9. Pause, Don't Rush Her To Accept You: Don't bombard her with all manner of questions on your first date with her. Please give her chance. You should not know all the boyfriends she's had before you met her or if she finds you attractive, you are just meeting her for the first time, give her time so you can know each other better.
Men that are gentle are a huge turn on for ladies.

11. Show Courtesy: It always speaks much volumes. Open the door for her it doesn't mean she can't do it, let her go in first before you, hold her chair for her while she sits and open the car door for her as well for her to get in before you. Let her feel your presence in great way she will not easily forget, that way, she will automatically fall in love with you.

12. Know The Right Time To Call Her: Don't call her during her busy schedule at work or at the market. The best time is when she's at home and fully relaxed, but it should be before her bed time.

13. Be A Good Listener To Her: Women naturally loves to talk and they love a guy who can listen genuinely and be concerned of everything they say. During that time she wants to tell you story about what happened in her office, give her a listening her, don't discharge her.

14. Find Out About Her Goals, Vision, Hobbies, And Dreams: It shows you are interested in her personality not just a woman to cook your favorite food in the kitchen.

15. Don't Propose To Her To Marry You Until She Shows Interest In You And That Takes Time: She will need to find out if she can actually spend the rest of her life with you as your wife and the mother of your children. Don't rush to propose to her, give her enough time.

16. What Are You Admiring In Her? Is it her natural endowment? Remember you can still  see those endowments in another woman's body, so be sure of what you want in her, what attracted you should be able to keep you, otherwise you will miss your soulmate in a woman.

17. Practice Self Control: This is where some people are completely losing their senses and I wander why they can not find a good woman to marry them. Let me ask a simple question. Will a GOOD woman make love to you on a FIRST date? Will a virtuous woman make love to you when you have not taken her to the alter to wed her? How then do you order for lovemaking and complain that the women in your life is not loyal and submissive to you? You got who your lustful mind attracted to you. 

A responsible principled, godly and virtuous woman will not make love to you in courtship. This is because she RESPECTS her body and will not give herself so cheap to any man. She's not in relationship with you for trial and error, neither is she there to emotionally waste her time dating you and later break up with you. She truly wants to marry you and contribute good things to your life. She has seen a tremendous life ahead of you and admired to contribute her own quota to bring it to reality so she's not the kind of woman you can use and dump! The moment you make the move for a godly woman to make love with you in courtship, you will lose her respect for you by 50%. Control yourself if you truly love her.

18. Don't Ask Her To Make Love To You: If you want a woman to find you intimately attractive, do not pile lovemaking pressure on her body.
One of the reasons my wife said yes to my marriage proposal is because, I treated her with big respect and for the 5 years we courted, I NEVER asked her asked her to make love to even for once. I told her at the beginning that, that was a no go area until we get married and she agreed. She was a principled woman herself so that was not a problem to accomplish at all. It made her VERY intimately appealing to me. 

A man who has self-control around a woman is always attractive and very much respected as well. He doesn't need to try me out to see if I am good in the bedroom. Our compatibility is determined by the degree of chemistry we have for each other and her attitude determines the level of chemistry. The more she showed me love, loyalty and respect, the higher the chemistry and that foundation has assisted us in a great way in our marriage. I still find her very attractive and our intimacy life is still excellent.
Stop Admiring all the woman on the street. Look for that special woman you will love and keep your eyes focused on her.
Never you be rude to a woman. Treat her with care and always cherish her. Don't forget to control yourself and do not use abusive words on her because -it is degrading. 

If you can try all these advise with prayers, you will locate your kind of woman faster than you expected, make her to fall in love with you and go on to have a blissful dating relationships and stress-free marriage life.

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