20 Ways You Can Make Your Spouse To Feel Loved And Cherished.

Loving your spouse is not a magic, you and your partner will enjoy true love when you apply these things in your daily lifestyle and everything that concerns you with him or her both at home and in public places.

1. Forgiving before an apology is made.
2. Hugging tightly when no words can be said.

3. Eating together whenever you are together because food brings people together.

4. Kissing more than the lips; kiss the forehead, shoulders, fingers, and cheek without timetable.

5. Saying "I love you" in the middle of an argument even when your partner didn't expect it from you.

6. Sending an early morning love messages to greet your loved one at the start of the day.

7. Calling your loved one on phone in the middle of the day just to make him or her to silently smile and be happy for who you are to him or her.

8. Holding each other close as you look in the mirror and see "The world's loveliest couple".

9. Planning a surprise to brighten up your spouse's one's day.

10. Taking photos of both of you to add to your biography.

11. Acting silly; dance, laugh, tease each other occasionally and unexpectedly.

12. Listening when one of you is talking about something important regarding the marriage or maybe a love story, or an event that happened during the day.

13. Praying together even in the good times, learning to be grateful to each other in every opportunity.

14. Falling asleep in the middle of a late-night conversation then waking up to continue it again in the morning before going to work.

15. Asking for help from your partner even when you can do it on your own but because of the joy you have within yourself when you see him or her do those things for you, you don't want to do it by yourself.

16. Analyzing yourself to see any wrongdoing in you before accusing your spouse of his or her weakness.

17. Bumping on each other as you guys walk together because you are so cozy together.

18. Laughing with each other, and not at each other even when there's no deep reason for it.

19. Wiping her tears, allaying his fears that you are together no matter what may confront any one of you.

20. Having fun turning down other suitors because you are faithful to your one and only true lover.

Without true love in marriage or relationship there will not be happiness and joy so make it compulsory to show love to your significant other.

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