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5 Important Things You Should Offer To Your Partner In Relationship.

You see, relationship is supposed to be symbiotic and mutually beneficial to the both parties. But we have a lot of parasitic people in relationships today that's sucking life out of their partners.

Let me ask you and I believe you will be sincere and honest with yourself. What do you have to offer your partner in relationship? As a lady, what can a man benefit for being in a dating relationship with you, what can you offer your boyfriend in relationship? Is it just lovemaking, you cook food, allow him to have peace of mind by not being a nagging woman? As a guy, what do you have to offer your woman that's in the relationship with you? Deeply think about it. 

Relationship is supposed to be symbiotic and mutually beneficial to the two lovers. You are supposed to benefit from your partner and your partner is supposed to benefit from you as well. But when you are the only person benefiting in the relationship, then you are a parasite to the other person.
What are the things you should to offer your partner in a dating relationships? 

1. Spiritual Support. Let it be that it's because of you your partner start being closer to God, start going to church, reads his or her Bible daily, prays often than before he or she knows you and lives right with God and not committing adultery everyday.

You are meant to pray for your lover and always help him or her to become strong spiritually but how can you do that when you are not spiritually strong yourself? Take your companionship with God serious, and involve God in your relationship. 

2. Emotional Support. Sometimes life challenges happens. Sometimes we are knocked down by difficulties and unpredictable problems. Some of the times our failures and weakness overwhelms us to the extent of causing us to be depressed and start losing hope in life. 

It's your duty to give emotional support to your lover, to encourage him or her emotionally, to give hope and to restrengthen the person again, and to also help your soulmate to overcome low self esteem and to regain his or her confidence again. Try not to contribute to their pain but be part of their happiness again.

3. Financial Support. For some ladies out there, all they know how to do is to make demands from their man instead of contributing to him for the growth of the relationship.
You should ask question about whether your guy has a savings, or  investment or even knowing his sources of income. The same thing with some men, in fact a lot of them are professionals and experts in eating ladies with the intention of "I will love to marry you", mantra. 

It is your responsibility to offer your partner a sound financial support and you can achieve this either by giving cash, offering financial advice on how to make more money from the same source or from another source, how to easily save money and become financially wise and free. 

4. Intellectual Support. Many of the problems we have today is as a result of our intellectual bankruptcy. Nothing inside brain. We have many beautiful ladies and handsome men without intellectual stamina. When you don't have a stamina it will be impossible for you to support someone else. Work on yourself because in marriage you will have more to offer if you want to be happy with your significant other.

It is your responsibility to offer your love partner sound intelligent advise, knowledge and adequate solutions that will better his or her life. Add something to your head, remember you are helpmate to each other and not roommates. 

5. Developmental Support. We are presently living in an exceptionally quick moving world. Everything is moving on a high speed that if you don't buckle up, you will be left behind so here calls for the need to develop, improve, evolve, and enhance with the season and be in tune with what's obtainable at this time. 

These are what you are supposed to help your partner to do, to become better in every aspect of his or her life because you are in there life. Let it not be that his or her life became worse from the time you came into their lives. Join your partner to become the better version of their lives.

Conclude in your mind that you will be an asset and not a liability, or parasite to anyone that comes across your life for either relationship or Marriage.

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