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Are you thinking of a  business that you can grow into millions?
Have you been keeping your money idle in the bank and you don't know which business to invest in? Worry no more I have good news for you.

Do you know that many millionaires you see today made their money from building a business?

The kind of money you have been dreaming of can come to you through building a multimillionaire business called, DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS.

Where you distribute, supply, or sell products to retailers who now retail to the end users.

There are many ways to start distribution business depending on your capital. 
For you that have  the millions to start, this is what to do.
1. Have a registered business name.
2. Get a warehouse for your business.
3. Locate a company producing that product that you want to distribute to retailers.
4. Stock your warehouse with goods and ready to supply.
5. Get well-designed banners and billboards and place them in the front of your office.
6. Open your warehouse for  business.
You can also include this if you still have the money, this is where distribution comes in 
7. Get a distribution vehicle for your business so you can easily move your goods to your customers.

8. Get a driver and sales representative, they will be responsible for distribution and sales.
Keep records of your sales, calculate the expense and find out your profits.
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