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Facts You Should Know About The Name Of Jesus Christ.

A name is known to be a mark of identity, or for personal recognition and description of something or of a personality. 
Not everything on this cosmos bears a name and that name forms the description of such thing (living or non living being) 
We have name of noble people, reputable and prominent individuals in this world that when ever their name is mentioned anywhere it's will remind peoples who they are, what they represent either their positions in the world or accomplishment in life. 

A name is a strong tools that many people today are no more on this planet earth but their name keeps reminding everyone that such a person was once on this earth. There are people that what gives them name is their impacts or their accomplishments. 
For others their name is a description of positive reflection that whenever you mention such person's name those that knows him or her very well will say that such person was this or that to them or to the society at large which impacted peoples life  and make the society, state or country great while for some people their name are a reflection of negative description about them. 

That's to say that a "NAME "Is a mark of identification and also for someone's recognition. 
However, why I briefly throw more insight on the subject of what name is all about is to make you understand the scope of this message titled (AUTHORITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST).
Among every names, both the name in Heavenly places, in the midst of Angels and Elders in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth, the name of JESUS CHRIST is above them all. 

The name JESUS CHRIST is the word of God and the word of God is God himself. You can confirm this in the book of Saint John chapter 1 verse 1.
You can not see God anywhere outside of his word. 
The Bible said that; At the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.
Now the name of JESUS CHRIST is the only approved name that have the ability to save mankind, Acts of the Apostles chapter 4 verse 12, you can read it to understand that the name Jesus Christ is the only name that every spirits can bow to and heed to as well. Kindly check out the book of Philippians chapter number 2 verse number 10 to 11, read it for a better clarification.

Jesus Christ name is only effective in the life of those that has surrendered their totality to him and are living in obedient to his commandments. 
You can call on the name of Jesus Christ and by faith and by knowledge of the Holy Ghost you will get what you want that makes you to call the name. 

what is faith? Faith is an evident of something you have not seen and substance of things you have hoped for. Check the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse number 1.
On the other hand What is knowledge? Knowledge is an act of knowing the in and out of something you don't know before or something you already know but want more indepth insight about it.

Now when you mentioned the name of Jesus Christ by faith and knowledge it will work for you but that must be under the foundation of you being born again and being a disciples of Jesus Christ. 
The name of Jesus Christ can't work for a person who is not a born again Christian, this includes both physically and spiritually it will not work because you have to believe in him first. 

There are situation or conditions you will see yourself in the spirit like someone is attempting to kill you in your dream or you are in a critical danger and as you want to scream that name the enemies will SEIZE your voice, those that have experience this kind of condition will have a better understanding of what I am talking about. 

Why it happens is because you are not spiritually connected to call the name of Jesus Christ because;
1 You are not a born again child of God. 
2 You are living in sin which is against the commandments of God. 
3 Your disobedient to God is driving away the spirit of God away from you.
You can not call the name of Jesus Christ anyhow in your dream because dream is a spiritual world and you can not just call that name without standing right with God by the way you leave your life. 

Sometimes you will scream the name of Jesus Christ but you will not give a  loud sounds from your mouth. The reason is because you  haven't grow in that height spiritually to scream the name of Jesus Christ loud to the extent that your enemies will disappear from your side. You should grow in Christ Jesus because the more you obey him and serve him, the more you are connected to God the father spiritually, and this will automatically make you to have Jesus Christ in your life.

(Remember that Obedient is ur spiritual school fees to the things of the spirits) 
Note : You can not call on the name of God without knowing the God you are calling his name, and also without knowing his words, you need to having it as a substance. 
You can not command devil with power rather you battle him with the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ.
You command devil and his agents with the Authority in the name of Jesus Christ. You build your spiritual life through prayers, studying the word of God and also through evangelism, with this you have the word of God which has grown in your soul like a flowing river in you and has dominated ur subconscious mindset.

Now you must understand that the name of Jesus Christ is not a child affairs. You must also know that name of Jesus Christ is powerful, you should understand what it can do for you both physically and spiritually, if not you will continue to answer a Christian without knowing the God you are serving. 
As a born again call the name of Jesus Christ whenever you know you are in danger and you will see the wonders that will happen in your life.

I am a living testimony what the name of Jesus Christ has done.

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