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How To Know If Your Potential Spouse Is A Godly Person.

Godliness is associated with so many good qualities lifestyle in a person's life. These includes; loving, faithful, grounded in faith in God, humble, principled, forgiving spirit, wisdom and more. Many people tend to want a Godly family and that's why they look for a Godly spouse, but many also pretend to be Godly in order to please someone they are admiring to spend the rest of their lives with in marriage. Too many people pretend to care about the things of God only to just make an impression, and when eventually they win the love of the one they were admiring, they get tired of acting and their real unGodly lifestyle will show up. 

In this article we are going to discuss some of the signs that shows a person who is Godly partner:

1. The person has a personal encounter with God. He or she loves God for himself or herself, and not because of you.

2. The person often leads you closer to God and not away from God because he or she knows that God will transform your life.

3. The person may not often quote Bible word for word but you can pick up parts of Bible when he or she talks with you.

4. They doesn't let you mislead him or her away from God, and doesn't keep mute when he saw something that will mislead you from God.

5. He always loves to pray with you not minding the situation on grand.

6. They doesn't shy away from the things of prayer because prayer is part of their lifestyle. Someone who prays alone all the time without a praying timetable will not mind being the one leading the prayer when you are together.

7. He or her is not only responsible and good to you but to others as well. Be very mindful of anybody who treats you well but maltreat other people. God's love is not discriminative towards anyone, if he or she manhandle others one day will be your turn, so be careful of such person.

8. They brings you joy and peace of mind because they carry the presence of God in them, so they attract to you what they carry.

9. The person easily forgives without keeping records your offenses against him or her. The person doesn't wait till sunset but always voice out his or grievances, and after that, that's all.

10. Whenever there is problems, misunderstanding, or disagreement between you guys, the person turns to God for solutions and not to start fighting you as a means of resolving the issue.

11. God's wisdom and understanding appears a lot in the person's conversations with you and with other people.

12. The person doesn't often try to prove that he or she is spiritual, neither does he or she posses a holier than thou character. Without their much efforts you will clearly see the fruits of Godliness in him or her, their attitudes will announce them to you.

13. They are always humble enough to be corrected because God has been teaching him or her that rebuke or correction is good as it makes us better for our life journey.

14. They always values your spiritual life as well as your spiritual growth. Someone cannot appreciate what he or she doesn't value, also many people don't value what they don't have because they doesn't know the benefits. So because they enjoy living a spiritual life that's why they valued your own spiritual life.

15. The more you get closer to the person from every angle for example their lifestyle, and approach to things, the more you see God at work in their lives. They often gives you reasons to praise and worship God.

16. This type of person doesn't lust after the opposite gender but always see them as an image of God and not just lovemaking object.

17. When storms of life faces in your relationship, it is not because of the malice going on between you and your lover but because of the circumstance that come to test how passionately you love each other, and because you know that nothing good comes easy, you always stood by each other.

18. The person admires and loves you in a way that shows he or she knows that God is watching of his or her actions towards you, proving to you that there is genuine love, and that's what you are receiving from them.

Just because you are now former lovers doesn't mean you should stopped carry the image of God in your Life, the relationship didn't lead to Marriage simply because you were not meant to be together but for some seasons God brought you two together.

My golden advise to you as a spinster or bachelor searching for a life partner, start living a Godly life if you are not doing that already because a magnetor can only magnet iron, and if you are already married, endeavor to live a Godly lifestyle so that your marriage can be exceptionally successful.

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