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How To Stop Or Prevent Your Lover From Flirting On Social Media.

We are all social beings. We are expected to socialize and a social media platform like Facebook is a great one for that. A lot of people are on Facebook, including gospel ministers, presidents, monarchs, and business moguls.

As a man, stopping your girlfriend/fiancee is wrong for the following reasons:
1) Every individual has a right to socialize with others.

2) Stopping her from being on Facebook is infringing on her right of association with others.

3) Stopping her is draconian and wicked.
4) By the way, you are not her husband yet, are you? Even husbands have a limit with instructions towards their wives.

Dear ladies, no boyfriend or fiance has any right to stop you from being on Facebook. It's a right that can't be trampled upon. It's your right.

I have also observed that many guys are not on Facebook because they don't like the social platform. Other guys don't like Facebook with the argument that it compromises relationships. Whatever your arguments, your girlfriend/fiancee has a right to socialize and Facebook is one of such avenues.

Dear singles, if you don't like a lady who is on Facebook, then you can end the relationship because you shouldn't go ahead and marry a lady who is on Facebook and stop her from connecting with friends. That will be disastrous to you. Please go for your type as there are many ladies out there who are not on Facebook or don't like Facebook for anything.

Now, can a husband stop his wife from being on Facebook? Not at all. Like I said earlier on, every individual has the right to socialize and connect with others. However, this must be done with all the marriage protocols observed.

As long as her activities on Facebook are good the husband has no right to stop her.
However, I must strike a balance here: there are certain conditions whereby a husband can stop the wife from being on Facebook.

1) If she spends most of her productive hours of the day on Facebook
2) If she is using it as an avenue to flirt or cheat on her husband.

3) If she is connecting with friends who are undermining her character and marriage.
4) If she is spending so much time to the point that her family life is being affected.

5) If she is cyber-bullied.
6) If she is carrying illicit activities on Facebook.
7) If she is chatting with friends till late at night.

The above mentioned situations are the only situations whereby the husband can exercise some kind of "marriage veto power". If these are not happening, he shouldn't stop her from being on Facebook even if he doesn't like Facebook or has trust issues.

Dear friends, marriage is not bondage or prison; it's bliss and enjoyment. Please don't use your complicated and nasty personality to spoil the fun of marriage. Both me and my wife are on Facebook. We are members of many Facebook fora. Why should I stop her from being there? Why should I lose my sleep because she is connecting with other people? Even if I didn't like Facebook, I would still not stop her from being there. 

On the other hand, while my wife understands that it's her right to socialize, she does that by respecting her marital vows to me. She minds the groups she joins and the things she posts on Facebook. That's how to make things work, marriage inclusive.

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