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Reasons Why Getting Married Should Not Determine Your Success In Life.

One thing I will tackle is the SOCIETAL PRESSURE often piled up on single ladies and gentlemen with regard to marriage.
In Africa, there is this age-long belief that marriage defines people. Therefore until a man or a lady is married, society believes something is still missing in their lives.

Marriage doesn't make a man a real man or a lady a real woman. In fact, it doesn't define us. It's our connection to our Creator that defines us (Acts 17:27-31)
Marriage is very, very sweet (I am married and loving it). However, it shouldn't be entered under pressure, fears, confusion, or desperation. Marriage should be entered from a position of strength.

Marriage is serious business. People who wish to marry must be interested in it and ready for it first. You must love marriage. You must believe in it. You must prepare yourself for it. That's the starting point.
Age, body size, money, or the likes are not the parameters for deciding whether one ought to marry or not. There are a lot more to consider. Honestly, a lot more.

One big challenge in most marriages is IMMATURITY. In most cases, immaturity and not Satan's intrusion is the bane. Who told you that marriage makes people mature? Who told you that immature people should marry in the first place?

These days, a lot of people delve into marriage unprepared because society keeps mounting pressure on them. For instance, there are many parts of Africa where as soon as a girl is 18, the pressure for marrying is turned on her. There are families where the children are yet to understand life to some extent let alone marriage, but because they have "come of age", whether mature and ready or not, they must marry. The consequences of these actions have been disastrous and devastating.

As only sons, in most parts of Africa, the common practice is to encourage or sometimes force them to marry very early so as to ensure the continuity of their lineages. Whether or not they are emotionally, mentally, or financially ready, the people care less. All they know is, please marry and start having children fast. 

Friends, marrying is not as important as being happily married. A lot of people are either having a troubled marriage or a wrong one. Please don't just be married; be happily married. That's the most important thing.

As a young African young man of Igbo extraction, I also came under pressure from society. In fact, being an only son made it more intense. My parents, siblings, and relatives kept singing marriage into my ears. But I wasn't ready mentally and financially. Trust me, I kept reassuring them year after year that I will marry but never did. How could I have married when I was not ready mentally and financially? 

Friends, I didn't give in to that pressure and I only married when I was sure, confident, and knowledgeable enough about marriage. And also sure I could feed an extra mouth.
Friends, marriage is not a competition so stop accepting societal pressure. With all due respect, marriage is not a requirement for success in life because married or not, people succeed in life. There is no prize awarded for being married. Therefore, marry only when you're spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially ready. Once again, come into a marriage with confidence. 

Don't marry because of pressure, but marry when YOU think you're ready. 

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