The 5 Bitter Truth You Should Know Before Getting Married.

Of course, no lady is expected to marry a perfect man (no man is perfect). But as you can see, the above-mentioned qualities are what make marriages some sort of hell. Men who do them don't know marriage at all, and as a lady, if you love yourself, don't ever marry such men, otherwise, you will cry in that marriage every day.

I have said over the years that marriage in Africa is not the way it obtains in Europe and the USA. Here in Africa, the female child is disadvantaged so much.
She isn't having the same playing field as their male counterparts. 

Here are a few instances:

1) Here, most times ladies are forced to accept and marry men they don't love at all. Whereas in advanced climes ladies marry who they like, love, or want.

2) Here if a lady is married to a beastly man, society encourages her to continue in that unhealthy marriage by enduring the abuses of that man. Wheres in advanced climes, the ladies are encouraged to walk away from unhealthy marriages.

3) Here when a man cheats on his wife, society says it's normal and alright because it's in the men's DNA to cheat. Whereas in advanced climes, the wife whose husband has cheated on her can take legal actions against the cheating husband and demand serious financial compensations.

4) Here if a couple is challenged in the area of childbirth, more often than not, the husband is most likely to either get a second wife, remarry or get a lady out there pregnant in order to have children. This action from some men is an indirect way of saying to their wives that they are the cause of the challenge, and as such should bear the consequences all along. Whereas in advanced climes, when such a challenge presents itself, the couple will do all things medically possible. And if it's unsuccessful, they will either adopt a child or remain like that for the rest of their lives. The husband never blames his wife over the challenge of childlessness because it's their CHALLENGE.

5) Here, because of marriage, a husband sees his wife as more of an acquired possession than a life partner with a valuable contribution to make to their marital experience. Whereas in advanced climes, a wife is an asset, a most valuable contributor to marriage. The list goes on and on.

As you can see, being married is NOT the same as being happily married. If you are a lady, please pray hard and let God lead you when choosing a life partner. Don't let the pressures of your parents, siblings, and relatives sway you away from your God-ordained spouse. Don't let your family use you to meet their financial needs or satisfy their selfishness or greed. Should you make a mistake with respect to choosing a life partner, all that your family will be telling you is to ENDURE a bad man in a bad marriage.

Therefore, as a lady, if you are broke or poor, you don't need marriage yet, but a job. You need to get a life of your own, not a husband. Marriage isn't a poverty alleviation program or scheme. 

Please be guided because it's better to wait long or even longer (if need be) than to marry wrong.

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