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What it Really Means To Eat In The Dream.

Whenever you see yourself Eating in your dream, it simply means spiritual sign of food poison going with the fact that you are not in a good term with your guidance Angels, they could frustrate you by giving you food in the dream.

Anytime you see yourself eating in your dream or being served food of any kind in dream or you are being giving meat whether your favorite or not in the dream, it is a sign of bad luck you are going to encounter in the nearest future, sickness is coming on the way against you, it also means frustrations, disappointments in your job, business or contract and setback against Financial progress, all these are happening because you are not in a good term with your guiding Angel, these spirit beings are wiser than human being. The food can be served to you with a unfamiliar face or with the face of someone close to you, this happens especially when you are expecting good things in your life, for example, when you are looking for a job or a help from someone, or expecting monetary favor and in that process, your expectation is about to have good results, the food is served to you in the dream to frustrate those your expectation.

Here's the solutions.

You have to pray very well but you must start by asking God to forgive you any sin you may have committed against him.

Then followed by submitting yourself to God so he can take control of everything concerning you. Remember you Must surrender all to Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal life savior.

The last but not the least.

Make peace with anyone you have offended, forgive those that offended you just like those you offended forgave you.

Stop sinning against God so that your guidance Angels and the Holy Ghost will not depart from your life.

With this guidelines you will regain all that you have lost in the spiritual realm when you ate in your dream.

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