Why The Devil Wants You To Dishonour Your Parents.

Honour your parents, this is the first commandment God gave mankind that's attached with a promise.
The promises is that when you respect your parents things will work well for you and you will have a long life with good health. (Ephesians 6:2-3)

A forty-one-year-old lady who believed her mum used occult means to stop her from getting married came to my Lagos office for counselling. I told her the mum was not responsible for her delayed marriage. Instead, she experienced it because she dishonoured her mum. I showed her today's scripture, which says we must honour our parents so that it will be well with us. I then advised her to honour her mum by making peace with her and buying her many gifts. She obliged, and three days after reconciling with her mum, she had a marriage proposal and got married effortlessly.

Today's passage says we must honour our parents so it will be well with us and we will live long. In other words, when one dishonors any of their parents, it won't be well with the person. It's God's Word, and no prayer can change it. Hence, the devil deceives people to dishonour their parents so they will start suffering. That explains why many people who dishonour any of their parents experience delayed marriage, delayed pregnancy, sickness, poverty, or unhappiness in marriage. 

I urge you to honour your parents so that it will be well with you and you will live long. You can't use prayer to cut corners if you have previously dishonoured them. The only solution to dishonour is honour. Prayer is not an alternative to honour. Honour them by making peace, and it will become well with you. If your parents are dead, you can meet the oldest person in your family, tell them how you dishonoured your parents, apologize and give them gifts.
Dear Father, I ask for grace to honour my parents in Jesus' name.

As you honour your parents, every delayed miracle in your life will manifest quickly in Jesus' name.

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