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14 Signs Of Healthy Marriage.

This post is targeted on both singles and married but especially to married couples meanwhile the singles here can learn from it as well.

First I want you to know that no marriage is healthy or great from the beginning, forget about the beautiful and expensive wedding because is just a ceremony, Marriage itself is different from wedding, and so the elaborate wedding or call it expensive wedding doesn't determine the success or how healthy the Marriage will be, remember I am not in anyway against anyone spending money to celebrate their wedding as they wish after all is once in a lifetime ceremony.

Now, as newly married partners you maybe wondering how can you know if your marriage is healthy, I mean void of different kinds of emotional and mental issues that is destroying other people's Marriage. You may also have thought on how to make your marriage healthy so that other unpleasant memories, challenges, and problems you hear happening in other Marriages will not happen in your own.

This is why today, I have come to list out the 14 signs of a healthy Marriage, so if you are enjoying any of these things in your marriage then your own is healthy, and if you are noticing it as well, it means you are in a healthy union with your soulmate.

1. You always Pray together. In a healthy Marriage, praying together is not optional but compulsory because they know the advantages and the importance of presenting and committing their union to God. Also, the couples don't just pray together, they pray with the whole family and for the whole family, in order words with the children too.

2. Always or occasionally eat together. Always or occasionally eat together because for example my wife and I don't always eat together in the morning before we all go out to our individual working place but we always eat together in the night because by then we are all back to the house. Then on weekend we eat together in the morning because we are all at home. Eating together whether only you and your partner or with the children is one of the signs that your union is healthy because it helps to bring the family together as well as planting joy and happiness in the heart of everyone.

3. Always bath together especially before bedtime. In as much as your marriage is concerned there's nothing in your body that you are going to be hiding from your partner, so bathing together gives rooms for concrete Intimacy connection and also increase love among you. Always make it an enjoyable by playing with each other's body while bathing, if possible at least once in a while let there be a happy ending before coming out of the bathroom because it will strengthen the bond of lovemaking and Intimacy in your marriage.

4. Whenever your partner correct or scolded the children you don't take side with the child against your spouse. If in your marriage you see it as a crime to see your husband or wife scold your child whether favorite one or not, then your marriage is not a healthy one. You shouldn't side your child rather you should be on the side of your partner as this will prove to that child that he or she is wrong with what happened. Create a healthy environment for your family, it will help you to breed good and God fearing children.

5. You communicate without barrier or limit. Communication in a healthy Marriage doesn't have limit, it doesn't have timetable, and it doesn't have the best mode for it. In a healthy Marriage communication is flexible because both parties knows that communication is one of the roots foundation of a healthy happy home. If this is missing out in your marriage then you are yet to start enjoying your matrimonial home.

6. You don't keep your smartphone away against each other. I have heard people complaining that their smartphone is their private property and they wouldn't want to share it with anyone not even their spouse. Let me tell you something you must know, your smartphone is your property but making it a sole property to the extent of passwording it will make it look suspicious that you have something in there you are hiding. Probably you are having some romantic communication with opposite gender. I am not saying you should not password your phone because I did mine and I did it because I want to keep it out of reach of children and my wife knows the password but rebuking your partner not to touch your phone doesn't make your marriage a healthy union.

7. You willingly acknowledge that his or her parents are your parents as well. When you guys love your parents without differentiation, and when giving gifts whether or not in a season of celebration you gift it to both parents without differentiation as well, is a good sample of a healthy Marriage.

8. You usually support each other in paying the bills. In a healthy Marriage both parties doesn't allow the family bills to be carried alone by one person because it will be heavy on that person, they happily help and support themselves in paying off the bills even if they have joint account it will be used when the need arises.

9. You always always defend and protect your marriage in public and in the presence of friends and family members. This doesn't mean that challenges doesn't happen or that there's no problems whatsoever in the Marriage but in a healthy Marriage you don't allow third parties to know what's happening because you know they will bring an obstacle against your union.

10. You don't speak hurting words against your partner irrespective of how deep your anger maybe. The fact remains that your partner will definitely make you angry one day because he or she is not perfect but in a healthy Marriage you don't use hurtful words to express your thoughts because you wouldn't want to see your spouse cry or be traumatized because of your words. I called it the Love of the pace setters.

11. You always forgive immediately you expressed your anger regarding the offense your partner committed against you. In a healthy Marriage forgiveness is not optional but compulsory because both parties knows what values it will add to their union. They as well understand each other so whenever there's offenses, the person at the receiving end knows that's not intentional after all it doesn't happen regularly, therefore he or she forgives immediately.

12. You always make love to satisfy each other and not with selfish interest. It also boils down to this stage in a healthy Marriage because what makes it healthy is that all part of the marriage is touched with pleasant goodies or lifestyle, so both the activities that take place in the bedroom both husband and wife always thinks of how to make the other person happy and feel satisfied.

13. You attend church service or church weekly activities together. This I will say simply means putting God as number 1 priority in their marriage and in their family in general. A healthy union can't lack the presence of God because he's the controller of all things. If God is missing out in your marriage then your marriage is not a healthy union.

14. You are always faithful to your soulmate both physically and emotionally. Cheating or extramarital affairs is not until you see yourself in bedroom with another person, it also includes romantic communication you had with opposite gender whether online or offline. Those in a healthy Marriage knows and believe that there is nothing he or she will get from another person that can't be gotten and enjoy in the body of their marital partner, this action alone is one of the deep signs of a healthy Marriage.

These are the 14 signs of a healthy Marriage, if you are not enjoying these things in your marriage, I strongly advise you to buckle up with your spouse, put efforts and minds together for the good of your marital union and you will be happy.

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