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5 Important Things To Do When A Man Wants To Marry You.

As a lady, when many men begin to come for your hand in marriage or they are coming to your father's house to look for flowers to pluck which they didn't plant, you should know that you are in your prime age for marriage. When you are ripe for marriage, you will be more beautiful, you will experience an inflow of different kinds of men seeking to have you in their lives, at this time your body is more developed, looking attractive, and enticing and you look more matured in appearance, etc. Just like the Bible said that all things are beautiful in their time according to the book of Ecclesiastes.3:11.

Therefore, it's important you take advantage of this season of your life because it will not last forever. From the moment you pass your prime, the number of men coming for your hand in marriage will reduce. They will not come as they used to come and this is one of the main reasons why you need to make good use of your prime. 

So, what do you do when you have different kinds of men coming for you almost at the same time?

1) Don't make any one of them be committed to you. Don't promise Mr. Peter that you will marry him and tell Mr. Bernard that you will marry him as well, the same thing with Mr Chris. Don't do this because of its dangers. Tell them you will get back to them in due time. Take your time and make the best choice concerning the person you think and believe that is best for you among them. Accepting marriage proposals from different men is setting up yourself for the trouble you will not control. If you are not sure of anyone to marry, your reply or response should be that to them you will get back to them.

2) You should know Them, who they are, their family background, jobs, career, personality, etc. These sets of people that are coming for your hand in marriage, who are they? What are their values and can they take care of a woman emotionally, spiritually, physically, and otherwise? What are their interests, beliefs, vision, and ambition in life? What do they do for a living, and can his job take care of both of you when married? Are they children of God and have a good relationship with God?

Which of them do you really love and which of them really loves you too that you would like to get married to? You should know them individually. That's why dating is before marriage is very crucial for everyone. Dating or courtship helps you to know the sustainability of a potential life partner. Dating is not for having fun and eating fried rice and chicken, buying ice cream, visiting the beach and the cinema for the latest movies, etc., dating is a time to get to know someone you want to marry.

3) Don't Be Moved By Physical Appearance. We all want a comfortable life including me. Nobody comes to the world to be suffering for anything but you know that not all that glitter is gold and money is not everything, also money doesn't guarantee a successful marriage even though money is good. Don't let the types of cars they are driving in to visit you deceive you. He's a rich man, handsome, connected to very important personalities in society, tall just as you want it, and hug, etc., these things shouldn't deceive you. Go for good qualities that will make you enjoy your man in marriage. Check out the stuff they are made of. That car key maybe not be his own, maybe he took it from one of his friends or relatives.

4) Don't Accept Gifts If you are not ready to be his wife. Have you not read where the Bible mentioned that the gift of a man maketh a way for him?. So men know how to use gifts to have their way with women's hearts. Also, gifting has a way of blindfolding one from making a sound decision that seriously concerns them. 

Don't allow the types of shoes, handbags, wears, fried rice, and chicken, vacations to different parts of the world, movie tickets to different cinemas, etc., to becloud your sense of reasoning. But even if you want to collect gifts from him, make it clear to him that the gifts won't influence your decision.

5) Pray About Him Before Accepting Him.  The Bible in its words of wisdom says, ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you. The Bible again says that you should not lean on your own understanding but in all your ways, acknowledge God and He will direct your steps (Matt 7:7; Proverbs chapter 3 verse number 5). 

The secret of everything in this life belongs to God and those things that are revealed belong to His children. You see why you go to God in prayers and present the men coming for your hand in marriage to him and ask Him which one among them is best for you to marry.
If you are truly in a relationship with God as His child, He will direct you on what to do and the decision to take. (Deuteronomy 29:29) After you are with your prayers, go ahead and accept whoever you are led to accept. Don't ever make the choice of a life partner without involving God because God will always direct you but you are to make your choice.

Finally, take your time and make the right decision because you are the one that is going into the marriage alone and not with any members of your family or friends. No competition in marriage, don't start comparing your marriage to that of members of your family or friends. No award for the first person that got married in the family. No award for the best wedding either. No award for the best internet-breaking marriage. No one has gotten an award for having 200 bridesmaids that you don't even know.

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