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How To Overcome Hidden Barriers To Finding Your Soulmate.

The fact that you are so much worried, concerned, and constantly wondering why no man has appeared to ask you out not to talk about proposing Marriage to you is simply a sign that something is actually wrong somewhere. You may have asked, what then could be wrong with you?

Carefully read these things outlined below:
1) Ancestral Covenant: Foundational problems are the most common reasons why so many people are experiencing delays in getting married. It may be a generational spiritual curse, ancestral spirit husband or its related case called spiritual husband or marine spirit, and evil covenants made in the past by one's great-grandparent. The Best way to overcome this life-threatening challenge is to go for deliverance immediately and be freed from their emotional and spiritual torment.

2) Soul Tie: Spiritual and soul ties bonding with a past ex-lover or premarital affairs with ex-lovers. Love-making is a mystery. Love making is more spiritual than physical. You must break all soul ties you knowingly or unknowingly had with anyone in the name of pleasure. You have to lose yourself out of that bond if you want to enjoy your marital life.

3) Bad Attitudes towards friends and family and or opposite gender: If as a single lady you are always rude, disrespectful, arrogant, full of ego, competitive, and proud, etc, you may have a challenge attracting a man to ask for your hand in marriage. No man wants a troublesome wife and not even a soldier man.

4) Unkempt, unattractive and shabby look: Anyone telling you that your appearance doesn't matter is causing harm to your marital life. Dear lady, always look good, dress attractive and smart, learn to combined colors and make them look beautiful when you wear them. Your appearance speaks volumes about your personality and has a way of attracting men to you.

5) One of the best ways to easily attract a suitor is to love God and be committed to His services. Join a department in your church and diligently serve God there. You can join the choirs, the ushers, etc. 

Let the men around you meet you serving and loving the Lord without selfish desire. Every man wants a God-fearing woman and one of the ways to attract such a man is by attending to God's needs in the church.

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