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How To Raise An Intelligent Child And He Will Be A Champion In Life.

How do I raise an intelligent child? Questions many parents have asked to themselves. 

I know genetics would play a role but you can actually raise an intelligent child, yes you can. There are things that you can do that can facilitate your child's intelligence and there are things that you can do that can ruin that intelligence. 

So the first thing you can do to help you raise an intelligent child is to allow your child or encourage curiosity. Let your children willingly ask you questions, let them ask questions willingly as he or she wishes at any given time.
It's not every question your child will ask that you would have an answer to, it happens to me all the time. It's not everything your child will say that you understand and that's okay. So what I will always say to my children is when they raise something that I have no idea about I will just say to them how about you research it and come back to me and teach me and tell me what it is.

So I usually give them room to go and investigate and Research into it and try to figure out what it is and while they at it I'm also doing the same so when they come we are having an interaction and I always admit, like oh my goodness, you have taught me something and this builds their confidence with a surprise on their mind, oh I can teach mommy something good as this. 

The second thing is to read with your children. Read to your children and let your children read to you when you are reading. Many people have asked me my children read a lot, I told a friend of mine about my eldest child reading 55 books in two months and he was like doesn't he have something to do at home for you or for himself.

You are thinking that a child reading is impacting anything else, reading exposes your child, and reading increases their intellect and so when my child reads they come to me and talk to me about what they have read or they read to me and we have a conversation about the subject matter.

Let your children read books apart from their school books, let them read their favorite novels, poetry, and story books. Help your child develop love for Learning and that's for you letting them try new things by themselves and don't forget to give them room to come back to you for questions and open discussion regarding what they have learnt or where that child is confused and needs more clarification.
Encourage them to do these things, encourage your children to solve problems by themselves, expose your children to different skills, it could be skills that you teach, it could be skills that you are paying someone to teach them but encourage them to learn. 
It's important that they pick up new skills.

Another one is to promote resilience. When your child fails it's okay for your child to cry, it's okay for your child to cry and be upset when they fail but that's also a learning period where I'm going to prompt you what have you learned from this experience that you are going to take on board next time because we fail at some point but are we learning from that failure to do better? So that's what I will do and that increases intelligence. Another thing I will say is model curiosity, I would always say to my children today you're teaching me something that I don't know and that makes them want to learn to come and teach me. You are going to be an example of intelligence for your child. I would also say support your child's interest, find out what your child wants to do, joyfully ask the child, what do you want to do in Future. The child may say something like I want to be an engineer, I want to be a public speaker, I want to be this I want to be that, you as a parent will then build their skills, build their interests and build them towards their passion so the child can achieve his or her desired dream. 

This particular point I want to make, a whole lot of you would disagree with me but listen to it carefully because I believe it will help your children. 
Limit screen time, let your children have room to do things other than sitting on the screen playing games or watching their favorite cartoon network, or using laptops other than learning to code or other educational things, I don't care what they doing on the screen. Limit screen time for them and let your child connect more to Nature solving problems and being inquisitive about things happening to them. 

These are some ways to help you raise an intelligent child. I hope that helps, if it does please share the post to your loved ones.

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