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How To Start Real Estate Business Or Agent And Succeed.

How to start and succeed in real estate business in Nigeria. A lot of people think that real estate is for the higher and Mighty, those who can afford hundreds of millions either from their business or a loan from financial institution but I'm here to change that notion that idea, I'm here to tell you that there is a system only known to a few people on how you can really start real estate business, how to own landed properties and begin to build houses within the shortest possible time.

In this article I'm going to be telling you some tips which if you are ready and serious you will actually start real estate business in Nigeria. Your own real estate business first of all you have to know what you want in life, you have to know where you are going, what do you want to be in the next 5 years in this business, well that will be a driving force, your motivator and you must be ready to learn, you must be available for learning as well as being available for doing several things that will enable you succeed in this business.

For instance if your age is 25 now and the next 5 years maybe you just graduated from University and have been looking for a job for consecutive 3 years, 5 years you don't know what to do, the truth is you have to learn and to learn you have to join people who are already doing well in real estate business like you can join any well known successful real estate business you know in your state or outside your state be with them for at least two years because you need to understand the ropes, you need to understand the culture and tradition of how to do real estate network marketing.

You need to be taught how to move from level to level in real estate business, this will make it easier for you to be opening offices every month and buying new Estates and developing them, you need to be able to trust somebody who can be a business partner and you should have a mentor, someone that's already expert, and knows well about the business.

However, to start real estate let's say you don't even want to join any company and obtain training from them, I mean you want to do real estate business yourself, let me ask you a question. 
Do you have the energy and strength including financially to do the Marketing alone? If you really want to start real estate as source of income on your own. 

Let's say you are the business-minded type and you feel you can sell somebody's property for them, a lot of people are looking for people who can sell their property for them but the big question is are you ready to bring out yourself and spend time and money and as well to use your social media handles to talk to people, to print flyers and make people to collect a list of people and Prospect them and do presentations to them, but first of all you must understand a lot of things like the title of landed properties, the title of buildings or property generally.

You have to understand encroachment, you have to understand survey plan, you have to understand a lot of things concerning ownership of properties.
It may not be money that you need to start real estate business, but actually is knowledge. If you want to start a real estate business and succeed in it in Nigeria, you have to have a lot of knowledge about the various parts of real Estate, you also have to understand how to promote real Estate.

If you have all this informations and knowledge and what it means now is for you to take that bold step that will make you to become that multi-millionaire in the real estate sector, then you need to know how to sell, and please Target on yourself and try everything possible to achieve those targets, and then it comes to the point where you are not the owner of the property but you want to sell for somebody.

Let me tell you a secrets in real estate business, that secret is this, if you have somebody who owns a London property and the person for instance is selling one plot for a million naira and there are 100 plots of land there which means the person is expecting you to give him a hundred plus of a hundred million naira right, if that is true now listen to this Secrets, a land is selling for one million naira, someone interested in it called personal side talk to the person maturely and say, Sir they are selling one plot for one million naira, can I make an offer you cannot refuse or I have an offer so you may not be able to refuse. If you give me this land on credit I will pay you 1.1 million on each plot, remember we are talking about the secrets of successful in real estate business and everybody likes extra income even a man that's a multi-billionaire. 

If you tell him you are going to give him an extra hundred thousand naira on each plot of his land that's another 10 million naira for him for the plot of land. If you can get him to sign an agreement with you, remember the word sign an agreement with you, remember again get a lawyer to sign an agreement, tell him in three months time you're going to give him 50 million or 30 million but you must sell 30 plots or 50 plus within that period of time, then if you have much Integrity like I do you may even write a positive check and begin to look for people who will buy that property at probably 2.5 million per plot or two billion per plot or even 1.5 million per plot just for you to get the capital you need to give to that person and the truth is if after three months, this is a secret remember it's after three months or five months you don't even have what you agreed another negotiation can come you can give him a 30 million or a 20 million and promise him in one month's time he gave him the balance or the two months I promise you give the person the balance. 

He said if you talk well the person will listen to you after all he doesn't know how to sell the land by himself that's why you are there to sell and make profits. The skill you need there is how to sell as proposed to him and as well fulfil your words.

Did you get something today from this post, I believe every young man or woman who is reading this article now if you begin to apply what I just wrote here you will definitely succeed in real estate sector, remember I have given you the Secrets of how to be successful in real estate business, either as agent or not.

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