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List of Important Habits You Should Teach Your Children As They Grow.

Training a child by a parent or guidance is not a day work. Is something that will take place within decades, even as the person is considered an adult, I mean when the person is up to 18 years of age, as a parent you still have responsibility of teaching and educating that child things about life and growth. So you see that the he or she will escape terrible mistakes of life, and also it will be a guiding light for the person as they grow up into full adulthood.

That someone is a responsible person was an efforts of his or her parents. For someone to be a responsible adult, you as a parent has an important role to play in the life of that person both directly and indirectly, you have a great role to play.
So today we are going to be talking about different habits you should teach your children as the child develop into teenager and adult.

1. Teach Your child to knock on the door before coming inside the room. Whether you are staying in a self-contained apartment or not, let that child to understand that knocking on the door before entering a room shows respect and also a sign of being a responsible person. This will also save your child from seeing something he or she is not supposed to see, or hear what he or she is not meant to hear. This will also save you some information that's not meant for public consumption because a child may intentionally voice out what you had discussed with your partner, thinking is a right thing to do without knowing the implications of his words to a third-party.

2. Teach your child or children the Importance of saying sorry so anyone they offended. This short word "sorry", is very powerful than we have imagined especially when said with a sincere heart to someone you offended, but many times ego and pride don't allow many people to sincerely say it. Teach Your Children the advantage, it has helped heal many emotionally wounded souls, it also bring forgiveness to the heart of the person that was offended.

3. Teach Your Children the advantage of respecting and greeting his or her senior, irrespective of the age difference. This is one of the best ways to be humble in life, and as we all know, humility can make way for someone greater than educational qualifications. So teach your children to be doing these things for the good of their lives and that of the society.

4. Teach them how to say thank you whenever he or she receives a gift or being offered helping hand from someone whether the help was done willingly by the person or not. This is one of the best way to show a someone is humble and loyal too. Being grateful for everything whether big or small thing will make the giver to have the mind to give you next time. Remember don't just say "thanks", rather you should say "thank you", this shows you sincerely appreciated the gift.

5. Teach Your child including the male child how to cook. This will make him to understand that cooking is not a sole responsibility of a woman. Cooking is never a sole responsibility of a woman as many people think or believe. For example, in my family everyone knows how to cook, because of nobody waits until a sister or our mother is at home before you get your food ready on the table. Also if found alone at home, hungry will not have to deal with you before other people that can cook is back home, and you don't have to start spending money outside buying food daily just because you can't cook a decent meal. Educate them the advantages cooking.

6. Educate them on the importance of greeting, appreciating and saying thank you to his or her mother, and elderly people within after eating their meal. This is one of the table manners that every child should be taught at home by his or her parents. Teach Your Children this let them grow with it.

7. Educate them on the advantage of taking their plates to the washing sink, and even wash the dishes by themselves after eating without waiting and hoping on another person to do it for them. This will not only make the dining table to be neat and free from unwanted smell but will also make the child that it's nobody's special responsibility to take his or her plate to the washing sink and even wash them without waiting on anyone. Is nobody special responsibility, even if you have a house help, you should teach your child something important to his life because you owe them that home education.

8. Teach Your Children how to brush their teeth and rinse their mouths after brushing. You may say he or she is still a baby, he's still growing but you may have forgotten that the knowledge you impacted into this child is what he will grow up with. Give that child the adequate training now that he or she needs it most.

9. Self Independent. Teach Your Children how to be self employed, and self Independent as well. Is not bad to depend on someone but it has average because you can't depend on someone else's for everything you want in life. Being self Independent will give the child the opportunity to understand that he or she can do all things with the help of God.

10. Training him or her how to always clean up the dining table after eating, irrespective of what was eaten on the table, and whether with other family members or not. This will not only keep the house clean but will also make the child a responsible person.

11. Train your children on how to read and write. Yes the child is attending school but you should not forget that you are also included as one of the child's teacher. Believe me, education starts from home and the teachers are both parents. Take for example; as your child return from school with their assignment, while doing the assignment with the child, part of the homework is to train him on how to hold his writing materials whether a pencil, eraser or pen. A teacher doesn't have all the time to teach the pupils everything at the same time, so you being a teacher at home, you are expected to do your part in training your child.

12. Teach your child how to add please to their words anytime he or she is requesting anything from anyone. This one habit makes it easier for the child to get the request approved or receive what he's asking for from the other person.

Nurture your child in the best way you would want him or her to grow up so that in the future you will be glad to reap the kind of fruits you have planted inside that child when the child was growing up.

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