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List of things you must look out for before accepting Marriage Proposal.

Many times Marriage Proposal comes like a surprise, and not sometimes not like a surprise because you have been expecting it from him or her so when it finally happened it doesn't look like a surprise to you, but then while waiting to be proposed by your partner, there are list of important things you need to look out for before accepting the proposal.

1. Have you considered his or her lifestyle because Marriage is not a one day ceremony or journey.

2. Are you compatible to marry? At least you have to be compatible Up to 90% spiritual, in forgiveness, working as a team, and financial management.

3. Are you comfortable with the way he or relates with opposite gender both in your presence and in your absence?

4. While dating before you conclude about marriage how does the person view childbearing? Are you settled with that?

5. In teams of religion, are you compatible with your significant other even if as at the time of relationship you may not be attending the same denomination because of location but has resolved that you will be attending the same church or denomination after marriage.

6. Have you looked into family difference? Belief and training? Are you settled and comfortable to be with each other without finding fault later in the future.

7. During dating days do you consider him or her to be a neat person or maybe not really neat as you want but you can help the person to be better in that aspect.

8. Do you consider him or her romantic, playful, and someone you can easily joke without having problem with it. Remember Marriage is beyond going to clubhouse, sports arena or going to shopping mall. 

Real Marriage happens at home where you will know the true character of the person you married and not in the public places.

9. Is the person promiscuous during dating and you believe that Marriage can change him or her. I want you to understand that Marriage doesn't change or remold people's character but rather brings out their original personality especially when they are under intense pressure. This is why many people who didn't fight with their significant other during relationship suddenly started manifesting that character in marriage because of pressure.

10. Before you accept the Marriage Proposal, have you thought about their level of respect and disrespect to you, and can you condole it if the person is somewhat disrespecting you.
The union marriage is sweet but very much sweeter when peaceful and there's unity amongst the couple. 

So while waiting for your partner to propose Marriage to you, have you checkmate, and based on the things that had happened in dating relationships do you think you will be happy in your marriage after accepting the marriage proposal.

Be guided because successful marriage is for all.

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