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1. Lord, beyond loving each other with romantic love, teach us to love each other with Agape love

2. Lord, before we expect submission in marriage, teach us to submit to You

3. Lord, help us to grow in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control; not just in wealth, career and property

4. Lord, if we harbour any trauma from our past that might threaten our marriage, heal us, make us aware of our inner issues and make us intentional to address them

5. Lord, for anything You have entrusted us with; children, money, time, each other... help us to be good stewards

6. Lord, more than communicating well with You in prayer, teach us also to communicate well with each other

7. Lord, if there is anything we are doing to each other that is grieving the Holy Spirit; convict us of it and help us to change

8. Lord, give us the right words, wisdom and ideas to be able to be there for each other 

9. Lord, You are the God of reconciliation. Whenever we have differences, teach us how to reconcile

10. Lord, use our marriage to actualize the purpose You have for the both of us together and as individuals 

11. Lord, if any of us falls, teach us to restore each other back gently and with love

12. Lord, may we see You in each other in how we talk with and treat each other

13. Lord, increase in us as we decrease. More of You Lord, and less of us 

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