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Process And Requirements Of Getting Marriage License.

In this article I want to talk about marriage licenses. I feel like this is one of those things that is obviously a very important piece part of your wedding or marriage but something that is not really talked about or even discussed in many Marriage seminars, a whole lot and there are some Logistics that go into both acquiring your marriage license and what you do with it during and after your wedding.

First of all what is a marriage license. I want to explain what really is Marriage license.
A marriage license is simply the legal document that is obtained by a couple prior to marriage. You get your marriage license before your actual wedding and then you sign in on your wedding day. 

There's both a marriage license and a marriage certificate, your marriage license is what you apply for prior to your wedding, and what you sign at your wedding day after the ceremony and then when you submit that back to the county clerk then you receive your marriage certificate afterwards and that is what is basically the legal document that you received to state that you are legally married to your partner and if you ever need proof of that, your marriage certificate is what you have for that.

In other words acquiring a marriage license and kind of what you do with it and how to file it could very slightly depending on where you are, I mean where you are residing, this is based off of my knowledge in my current area and there might be some research that you might have to do just to make sure that you have all the information that you need for where you are getting married. 

1. First step in getting a marriage license is to make sure you have your wedding date and location set, you will need this information when you are filling out your application for your marriage license, try to make sure that you have your Venue selected and your wedding date already selected and that you have no chance of changing it. 

2. Another thing to note is that often you need to apply for your marriage license in the county that you are getting married although this can vary depending on what your state or your County's requirements are, this might require a little bit of investigation or inquiries on your end to see if that's something that you would need.
If you are having a destination wedding likely you will need to get there a few days early, maybe a week early so that you can go through that proper process of applying for your marriage license, and obtaining it in the country that you are getting married. Some things regards timing, you want to wait until closer to your wedding date, your application for your marriage license or your marriage license turning into your marriage certificate expires after 90 days. 

You don't want to be applying for your marriage license prior any sooner than 90 days from your wedding date, typically about a week or two weeks is a good time frame to go and apply for your marriage license. Again this kind of marriage license varies depending on where you're, some have a restriction as far as how close it can be to your wedding date. You want to allow at least 72 hours ideally, some states do have restrictions that you have to wait at least 48 or 70 to 72 hours from the time you get your marriage license to the time you actually have your wedding ceremony.

3. Again just make sure that you're looking up those requirements but typically if you are within two weeks of your wedding date, a week or so from your wedding date that's a pretty good time frame to apply for your marriage license.

4. Another required thing is that you're going to actually go in person and visit your country clerk, this is where you will go and essentially there's an application process to obtain your marriage license to then turn into your marriage certificate so you'll need to go in person you and your partner both will need to be present, check and see if your country clerk office accepts appointments on the day you want the appointment to be. 
If you have the ability to make an appointment that will make it a little bit more streamlined for you, you typically want to expect about an hour to do this appointment this means you are giving yourself enough time, if you do have to wait and the process of signing and paying and all that good stuff.

Take notes of the things you need to bring, this can vary depending on your state, look at the requirements wherever you are or where you're getting married and this should be listed on your government State website and go to the county clerk information page but typically the things that you will need to bring when you go and visit your county clerk is a form of identification maybe just a driver's license or a passport is sufficient, although some states might require a birth certificate, some states also require a witness, if this is something that you will need make sure that you are finding a witness to come with you and give them far enough information in advance.

Requirements For Marriage License Application.
They will make sure that the appointment time works for them or that they're able to come when you guys go because you all need to be present at the same time and this person will need to be at least 18 years or older and have known you for longer than six months, you will also need to know information about your parents on both sides, things like your maiden name, their birth date, and birth state or location are mainly things that are required on your application free marriage license, also if you have been married before it will be required that you have documentation of your divorce, a certificate of divorce or a death certificate will be required in order to apply for a new marriage license and lastly, there will be a fee associated with applying for this marriage license and this varies depending on state, the range is about like 35 dollars to 150 here in Montana. 

It's 53 dollars to apply for your marriage license, again just look this up to see exactly what the cost is wherever you are or where ever you're applying for your marriage license on that note it's a good idea to bring cash or check as not all offices except credit cards.

Another crucial thing to put in mind is when it comes to the application process is it's a good idea to know whether you plan on changing your name. If you're planning to acquire your partner's name or if you and your partner are going to hyphenate last names or however you choose to do that, it's a good idea to have that figured out by the time you go for your appointment or you go visit the county clerk to apply for your marriage license as this will streamline that process and make it not only cheaper for you to change your name but also just a little more streamlined and easier.

When you fill out your application there will be a spot to put your maiden name as well as your surname, and so if you plan to change your name that is where you want to put what your future name will be after your wedding, once you have filled out the application for your marriage license, you will then receive it. Some offices will hand it to you right then and there and some will mail it in like a day or two days after your visit. Just kind of varies depending on where you are, then you have acquired your actual marriage License.

Next is for you not to forget to bring your marriage license with you on your wedding, day you have to make sure that, that comes with you you will sign this, you will sign it on your wedding day and the requirements for this are obviously making sure that it is signed on the day of your wedding typically right after the wedding ceremony is a good time to do this in your cocktail hour before you go into your reception, you will need obviously both Partners present during the signing of the marriage license, you will both need to sign the marriage certificate and you will need your officiant so whether this is a actual formal professional officiant or if this is a family member that got ordained for the event whoever performed your ceremony will need to be present to sign the marriage license. 

In Most states there is a requirement for witnesses to Witness and most often this is the maid of honor or the best man, this can be whoever you wish to be as Witnesses on your wedding day just make sure you let them know ahead of time so that the person can be prepared to be needed whenever you guys choose to sign your marriage license at your wedding day. They can expect it and be prepared for that, I also recommend scheduling this event into your wedding day time as this will make it not to be forgotten and you make sure that you do it while your photographer is still around for picture record purposes.
You can get that documented and like I said it's a good idea typically to do this sometime during cocktail hour usually like after you've done all of your photos maybe you're doing some last minute bright and groom pictures so at that point it already you and your partner and your photographer and you can just get that signed really quickly before going into the reception room, and just enjoying your reception and not having to take time away to leave and sign and make sure that gets done.

Finally, it is the efficient's responsibility to take care of the marriage license after the wedding, so they will return it to the county clerk office either in person or by Mail, I always recommend in person if possible that way you don't have to worry about anything getting lost in the mail or delayed in the mail and it's always better to just go in and drop it off in person and then that's it. Once the county clerk's office receives it and files it, you will then be issued your marriage certificate which like I said this is the actual document that you will have moving forward in life that proves that you are now officially married, and it will have both of your names on it and you can obtain certified copies of this certificate if needed through the county clerk's office as well.

Hopefully that cleared some things up on the kind of process and requirements of acquiring your marriage license and I have explained the difference between a marriage license and a marriage certificate.

I believe you found this art helpful, please share to your loved ones let them be blessed as you are now.

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