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The Art Of Mutual Support And Proactive Planning In Relationship.

They will always say that Love is a beautiful thing but silence destroys relationships faster than physical distance.

Don't invest your feelings, attention, and time in someone who doesn't have your time and is not ready to give you attention either. My dear beloved sister in Christ, remember that the eyes fall so fast in love than the heart does.

You should be careful about jumping into a relationship without commitment.


Lovemaking has made most men act as if they are in love while their heart is far from you.
A relationship is a platform to plan for marriage. There is a message in the way you are treated now.

Don't feel so comfortable in a relationship that has no purpose and plans. Always define the purpose of every relationship you are in with anyone to avoid regression.

A man can marry at any time of his age but such is not applicable to come.

Don't allow any man to play with your body, feelings, and emotions because true love doesn't hide.

A man who respects your body will value your personality, lifestyle, etc.

Don't act cheap to anyone no matter how deeply you are in love with the person; a relationship should be mutual feelings and mutual responsibilities.

When someone is deeply in love with you, you can't remind the person of their responsibility towards you because it's expected that you are always on their mind.

When you beg for love, commitments, attention, and care from the person that professes love to you. It shows you are an option for them. Realize who you are and a man will come looking for you.

Communication is everything especially when someone means a lot to you. There is no Marriage or Relationship that can survive without communication. You don't have to force it to flow. If you complain about a lack of communication it will look as if you are nagging. Therefore, be watchful to know if your place has been taken by another person.

Dear ladies, promises are good but you must watch his body language while waiting for him to fulfill his promises. This is simply because most promises in a relationship can keep you stagnant for the rest of your life. Whatsoever you can't see now, (character-wise) don't expect it after your wedding.

Don't promise Marriage to anyone when you consciously know that you will not marry the person, the end doesn't use to be funny.

Don't get married to anyone whose character is not acceptable to you with the belief that he or she will change after the wedding or that you can remold the person.

Before Getting Married, you should be certain of what you want in your Marriage. Will you start giving birth from your first year into the marriage? Does your partner just want enjoyment and then start having children after 5 years?
You have to discuss with your spouse to know if you are going to have family planning or other forms of birth control.

Will the marriage jeopardize your career, or your job, or your business if you are an entrepreneur. You should discuss with your partner that the marriage should not negatively affect any of these things mentioned here.

This is one of the most important aspects of marriage that so many people always fail to talk about in their relationship before marriage. Failure to talk about finances has put so many Marriages in trouble in one way or the other

There is a belief that the husband's money is everyone's money but the wife's money is hers and her family members alone.

No matter how much your husband's monthly income is, you should be supportive, carrying the financial burden of the family alone can be stressful and disheartening.

Research has it that women that support their husbands financially are more loved, cherished, and respected more than the ones that don't support their husbands.

Your husband may tell you that you should not worry because his income can take care of the family's financial needs but don't be surprised that he truly wants your support in one way or the other.

You can support him with the children's school fees, house rent, electricity bill, clothing for the children or for yourself or even for him as a gift. Just try your best to support him you will be amazed at the way he will appreciate you.

Plan for the happiness and success of your Marriage with these tips now you are in a relationship, you don't plan after the wedding.

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