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The Toughest Parts of Motherhood You Don't Know.

The Toughest Parts of Motherhood You Don't Know.

Motherhood is beyond being the physical mother of a child or children. Is beyond representing a child or children in school or in any other events that they could not represent themselves either physically, mentally or spiritually.

Motherhood is simply the process of a young adult woman who was initially single now Married and has given birth to a child(ren) as a married woman or a single mother.

Is a stage in a woman's life, it's not necessarily mean that a woman must be in a man's house as his wife before she becomes a mother, or must be married traditionally to a man before she becomes a mother. What I am saying is that as much as a woman conceive, that has put her in the list of a motherhood.

Today, I want to reveal to you some toughest part of Motherhood you didn't know are tough and also I will be giving you tips on how to make it easy for you throughout that stage of life.

1. Pregnancy stage. This stage is the dream and desire of every woman but then the journey of nine months pregnancy in the life of a woman which is part of her being a mother is not an easy journey. Pregnancy comes with different challenges including change in body shape and hormones, despite the joy of seeing your baby smiling at you after birth, is still a tough part of Motherhood. This is because considering the sleepless night hours because of baby activities in the womb otherwise known as baby kicking, midnight hungry despite eating to fullest before bedtime, body aching and all other discomfort. Sudden change in body shape, appearance, dizziness, and footsteps when the pregnancy is almost at the last trimester, all these are what makes it tough journey of being a mother. It's a joyful thing to see your cry to you immediately after birth.

2. Breastfeeding stage. You may say how is breastfeeding a child a tough part of Motherhood but I believe there are things you may have not put together or have not considered important and tough. Hope you remember that before breastfeeding properly takes place after childbirth that the woman goes through tough pain on her breast while in pregnancy? This pain continues especially on the nipple areas until she gave birth to her child. That's not all. What about the challenges of sleepless night hours she faces just to breastfeed her baby in the middle of the night when the child start crying. 

Now think of a working class woman who by all means will wake up from sleep by 5 am in the morning to get ready for work, and make breakfast for the family, despite all these she will still get her baby ready for the day before going to work and before taking the child to nearby daycare center. Why this is considered a tough part of Motherhood is because it affects mental health because of sleepless night, as well as emotional well-being because of the trauma faced while trying to meet up and manage her time well for her job and her family.

Motherhood is a joyful mystery irrespective of the challenges involved, but because of the joy thereafter we easily forget the trauma.

After I married I discovered that motherhood is not an easy journey even though is the desire of every woman but then the experience I have gotten or what I have seen in my wife has shown me that these 2 stages mentioned above is the toughest part of Motherhood journey. 

Therefore I am advising every man outside there to always help your wife in every opportunity you have because it will help her a lot especially to reduce the pressure she is facing for the family or for the baby.

I pray that every parent will enjoy the efforts they have made to train their child to be a great person, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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